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Pet Health & Wellness

Welcome to our Hemp for Pets Collection, where we cherish the special bond between humans and pets by offering exceptional hemp pet products designed to improve their health and happiness.

Our range of hemp pet treats, supplements, and care products, such as Hemp Seed Oil for Pets, is crafted to address a variety of issues like anxiety, skin conditions, and joint stiffness.

Horse standing in the sun

Cooper - Hemp Protein Recovery Blend for Pets | 500g


I have been struggling to put weight on my 18 month old German Shepherd. I found this product and thought why not? In 1 month my boy has gained 1 kg!!! Thank you for tjis amazing product which has saved my boy from some invasive tests.

Cute Golden Retriever

Marley - Hemp Seed Oil for Optimal Health | 200ml


What can I say!! My dogs love love love this hemp oil!! They truly are nuts for it!!It has been amazing for their joints;(one of my senior dogs was starting to get arthritis and was beginning to hobble,but now she moves with ease).It also keeps their fur coats in great health.

Close up photo of Sphynx cat

Luna - Health Support for Cats | 100ml


My 20 years old fur baby had arthritis and had to move to a ground floor bed, having difficulty with steps of any kind and he just slept most of the day. His fur was looking dull and he didn't seem to be happy. 2 weeks onLunaand he's young again, coat is shining and he now makes it to the top of the cat tree to sleep .. great product for sure!

Cute little poodle

Milly - Hemp Seed Oil and Turmeric for Senior Dogs | 100ml


Got this for my friends little old dog, who was struggling to get up. She has not looked back, does her little tap dance again at dinner time, and is such a changed little girl. My friend is sold! (I don't think she quite believed me, until she saw the results!)