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100% Australian Grown & Made Organic Hemp Products

About Us

We love Cannabis and we think you will too.

How did we get here? In 2012, Colorado and Washington lead the charge by legalising the recreational use of cannabis. That’s when we spotted the wave coming. The hemp & cannabis revolution is making the world a greater, greener place day by day – revolutionising medicine, self-care, social habits, even the health of our little fur babies! We’re not talking about Cannabis as the drug you know it for, rather, the inexhaustible list of medicinal, therapeutic, nutritional and material uses of Cannabis and Hemp.

So, instead of waiting for America’s progress to slowly make its way to us, we decided to make this stuff ourselves, right here in Australia so the benefits can be enjoyed by you.

Hemp life

At the beginning, hemp was a hippie wonderland. We saw an opportunity to create a portfolio of Cannabis and Hemp products for every body. For everyday humans, with health to care for and high standards to meet – something that would integrate easily into the everyday. From there, The Cannabis Company was born.

And so, with a clear purpose in mind and a visible gap in the market, we set our sights on d-day – November 2017 – when hemp could finally be legally sold for consumption in Australia and New Zealand. Hallelujah.

From day one, we have consciously sourced our greens from organic farms, right here in Australia, carrying a no-paper policy and creating strictly recyclable-only packaging.

We challenge ourselves to create products that people love and feel good about buying.

We aspire to give back at every possible opportunity.

And it’s our goal to rewrite the old nasty rumours and give this plant the kudos it deserves.

Why do we love this stuff so much? It does EVERYTHING. For now, our brand portfolio spans pet, lifestyle and beverage – and we’ve only scratched the surface.

It’s damn good for you and it's even better for the planet, so what’s not to love?

Our head office is located in Melbourne, but we have team members in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland. If you’re keen to talk business or collaboration, feel free to reach out anytime - we’d love to meet you and talk cannabis.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cannabis

Hemp life