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Life + Greene

Welcome to Life+Greene, where natural solutions and functional science combine to create the ultimate body and mind experience!

At Life+Greene, we believe that feeling great is something everyone deserves. Our hemp seed oil capsules, made with extra TLC - Terpenes, provide essential fatty acids and plant cholesterols to help you build a stronger self from within. And our patches, infused with natural therapeutic oils, offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to relieve pain in specific areas and combat overall bodily discomfort. Plus, all our products are pure and free from harmful chemicals.

Join the natural revolution at Life+Greene and unlock nature's healing secrets today!
Life + Greene Relax & Rest Terpene Essentials | 30ml Sold Out

Life + Greene Muscle & Joint Terpene Essentials | 30ml Sold Out

Life + Greene Digestive | Terpene Essentials | Plant Power $89.00

Life + Greene Hemp Seed Oil Capsules+ | 60 Capsules $40.00

Life + Greene Transdermal Hemp Patches | 30 Pack $49.99

Life + Greene Joint Care Bundle | Our Most Popular Bundle $150.00