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Pet Grooming

Welcome to our Buddypet Grooming Collection, where we pamper your pets with love and care! Our gentle, natural, and hypoallergenic range is perfect for sensitive fur babies, keeping them fresh and healthy.

Treat your pet to our Maisie Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo, designed to nurture sensitive skin and soothe allergic conditions. Our Poppy Hemp Shampoo provides the perfect relief for dry, itchy skin, hydrating and reducing inflammation.

Don't forget our George Hemp Seed Oil Conditioner for that extra soft and shiny touch. Lastly, our Toby Hemp Seed Oil Skin Balm is a lifesaver for insect bites, cuts, and wounds.

A happy chow chow having a bath

Poppy - Hemp Shampoo for Dry, Itchy Skin | 500ml


My dog has very sensitive skin and reacts to almost anything! With this wash and a big diet change she's stopped itching enough for her chest and other scratch spots to get a chance to start healing - plus her usual short coarse coat feels really silky afrerwards too!

A cute maltese in a bath

George – Hemp Conditioner | 300ml


I washed all five of my chihuahuas with theMaisieshampoo and the George conditioner.WOW. Honestly, they look and feel like different dogs. They all have pretty sensitive skin so I’m always hesitant to try a new shampoo but I knew after reading the ingredients they would be fine.I didn’t tell anyone that I used a different shampoo but they knew straight away!!! They are so shiny, so soft and they all seem so happy too!

A cute maltese in a bath

George – Hemp Conditioner | 300ml


Fantastic for my puppers one has sensitive skin and seems to be only shampoo and conditioner that actually doesn't leave them with dry flakey skin

A cute smiling dog

Toby - Skin Balm for Cuts, Insects and Wounds | 100g


Miracle oitment

I have to say I didnt think it would work, my pug has some serious skin issues and he's previously taken oral medication but it didnt sit well. A friend recommended for me to try hemp so I thought this was the most appropriate treatment based on the range. Cleared up in less that a week. Absolute lifesaver thank you guys!! Will telling everyone I can