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Welcome to the lovingly curated Buddypet Collection, a tribute to the unwavering loyalty, companionship, and joy our pets offer us every day. Our wide array of health, grooming, and wellness products, as well as engaging toys, have been meticulously designed with your pet's optimal health and happiness in mind – utilizing the power of natural ingredients.

Our product line is steeped in a rich foundation of Australian-grown, organic, and responsibly sourced ingredients, each one hand-picked to ensure your beloved pet receives the highest standard of care. Every item in our collection is not just a product, but a labor of love, crafted under the watchful eyes of experienced veterinarians.

Embark on a journey of holistic pet care with our Cannabis Oil for Dogs, specially formulated with Hemp Seed Oil. Recognized for its remarkable benefits, this oil can help address common pet issues such as anxiety, stress, and itchy skin conditions. Indulge your furry friend with our invigorating Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo, an ideal choice for Sensitive Skin, promising a gentle yet effective cleanse.

Keep your pet's playful spirit alive with our eclectic mix of accessories and toys. Our selection is designed to entertain, engage and strengthen the unique bond between you and your pet, fostering joy and togetherness.

At Buddypet, our mission is to unlock and harness the healing and nurturing powers of nature for every pet, fostering their overall health, vitality, and well-being – just as nature intended. Dive into our collection and experience the Buddypet difference today.

Cute little poodle

Milly - Hemp Seed Oil and Turmeric for Senior Dogs | 100ml


happy dog

My eleven year old labradour was limping badly after three weeks on the oil everyone has noticed the huge difference in her bouncing, happy and a reduced limp brought three more bottles and have my daughters dog also using

Horse standing in the sun

Cooper - Hemp Protein Recovery Blend for Pets | 500g


This product is excellent. 
My standard poodle puppy has been raised with this supplement and he’s now 9 months old and glowing with health and vitality. 
He has a heart murmur and this supports his healing health. 
We hope he will outgrow it and with the hemp supplement he has every best chance to. 
I highly recommend this excellent product and site.

Horse standing in the sun

Cooper - Hemp Protein Recovery Blend for Pets | 500g


I have been struggling to put weight on my 18 month old German Shepherd. I found this product and thought why not? In 1 month my boy has gained 1 kg!!! Thank you for tjis amazing product which has saved my boy from some invasive tests.