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PETS JULY 15, 2020

Cannabis for Recovering Pets

Cannabis, marijuana, weed...whatever you would like to call it, it is fast becoming a brand new nutritional wellness segment. Not only has our beautiful green plant helped millions of humans across the globe, it's also helped millions of animals, including your beloved pets! 


Specifically, humans use medical cannabis for several reasons which include: 

  • To ease vomiting and nausea.
  • To enhance appetite, especially in patients suffering from AIDS.
  • To manage chronic pain.
  • To help with mental illness such as insomnia and anxiety etc.
  • To treat gastrointestinal conditions.
  • To help reduce inflammation. 

This list is only the tip of the iceberg, and many more conditions and symptoms can be managed for humans and animals, especially if they are recovering from surgery or other problems such as old age. 


Can Cannabis Help My Recovering Pet?


Cannabis helps pet recovery


The answer is yes, and cannabis can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions in pets, most commonly for dogs. The Morris Animal Foundation has received a grant for funding studies for the effects of marijuana on pets, and other organisations exist globally to ensure that safe efficacy of cannabis is delivered to our beloved animal friends. Los Angeles veterinarian Doug Kramer was treating his dog's discomfort after it came out of surgery following the removal of some tumours. Doug managed to get his pet to gain weight and also saw a reduction in the pain post-surgery. Pets that are recovering from extensive - or minor - surgery can benefit greatly from plant-based medicine in the form of cannabis.


What Type of Conditions Could Cannabis Help With? 

Recovering from surgery for pets is essential as they usually receive surgery later in life and need any extra boost they can find as some operations can be invasive and have long recovery periods. 

Helping to reduce inflammation and imflammation-related pain is another crucial area that cannabis will help with. Some pets, especially dogs, start to have mobility issues and sore joints and limbs later in life. By using a topical hemp seed oil balm and rubbing this into the affected areas, you should start to see an improvement in the mobility and inflammation surrounding the joints. Adding a dose of cannabinoids into the equations such as a topical CBD gel or similar product can work wonders for any pets suffering stiff joints and legs. 


Reducing Pain and Inflammation with cannabis for pets


Pain is another big issue pet owners face as it's not easy for pets to tell us when they are in pain and what the pain level is. By utilising a medical cannabis product that has decent amounts of cannabinoids - such as CBD - inside, will ensure that the animal receives relief, but no psychoactive effects - this is very important to note as animals are very susceptible to the effects of THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes you high) due to their small endocannabinoid systems. This is why non-psychoactive and low-cannabinoid products like Hemp Seed Oil work wonders on pets - they only need a little to make a big difference.

Skin conditions are another big issue that we receive questions about as it's such a big issue for many pet owners. Cannabis and hemp seed oil can help reduce dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions that are common in pets and sometimes occur quite severely for dogs, especially on the belly. Trying a wash or soap that has active cannabis inside will help relieve the itching and calm the skin. Cannabinoids such as CBD are beneficial in reducing skin conditions in animals and are widely used by humans for these diseases every day. 

How Do I Get the Dose Right?


Hemp for pets, getting the dosage right


The best option is to start low and go slow when it comes to any cannabis medication for animals. Each product will have a recommended dose for that particular product, and it's imperative that the dosing is followed to ensure the best experience for your pet. Pets do not respond well to any product containing THC - which will, if ingested, affect the animal's behaviour quite dramatically. Vets all over the USA are continually treating animals that have eaten a stash of their owner's THC-infused gummy bears, and it can take hours for these effects to wear off.  

Older pets, in particular dogs and cats, can have a rough time adapting to growing old and it's common for inflammation, arthritis, epilepsy and a host of other issues to occur in their later years. Studies lack in the area of cannabis for pets. but still, there is overwhelming support in Australia and across the world that shows the effectiveness of the positive outcomes cannabis has for pets.


Significant challenges still face pet owners with accessing cannabis for pets and where to purchase the highest quality products. If you are looking for cannabis products for pets, check out the full range.


One of the biggest benefits that pets stand to gain from Cannabis are the nutritional benefits - specifically from hemp. 

In the recent years, we've seen Hemp Seed Oil for Pets become somewhat of a miracle oil for pets suffering all kinds of conditions - mental and physical. We've more recently brought out a new product, formulated by our in-house vet to help as a nutritional boost for pets struggling with their health and recovering from injury, illness and surgery.

This Hemp Protein Blend for Pets contains Hemp Protein Powder and Chickpea Flour meaning it is full of; complete plant proteins, amino acids, vitamins, fibre, magnesium and (most excitingly) has been designed to be customised to suit your pets needs and preferences as well as working perfectly alongside Hemp Seed Oil for Pets & Hemp Seed Oil for Cats. 

Do you have a pet in need of a nutritional boost for speedy recovery? Check out our new Protein Blend for Pets here. 

Pet Protein Blend