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3 Reasons Why Hemp Is The Best All-Purpose Flour In The World

There are over a dozen reasons why Hemp Flour is the best but we’re going to stick to the top three. Whether your primary interest is optimum health or sustainable produce, whether you’re gluten free or coeliac, you’ve probably heard about Hemp Flour, but you may not have tried it. It was illegal here in Australia until November 2017, but finally it’s available. So why is it so great?

Hemp Flour is a Zero Waste Product

Turning Hemp into Hemp Flour is perhaps the most elegantly sustainable process in the world. Why? Because it’s a closed loop. Not only is the growing process really great for the land and much less water-intensive than wheat, but the manner in which Hemp Flour is processed is just really cool! Here’s how it goes: it all begins with our lovely Hemp Seeds. We cold press them to gently extract the nutrient-rich Hemp Seed Oil. This leaves us with the remaining solids, which we then mill. From this we get our very finely textured smooth delicious Hemp Protein. It doesn’t end there though; after we’ve extracted the oil and the protein, we’re left with Hemp Flour! We plant some of the seeds we’ve saved, and the circle begins again. In a perfect world, all natural products would be produced like this: zero waste.   

Hemp Flour Has Nutritional Superpowers

Comprised of 23% protein and 55% dietary fibre, not only is Hemp Flour free from gluten, wheat and grains (settle down coeliacs and the gluten intolerant community, we see you!) but it’s also packed with the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 (essential for cardiovascular health) and Omega 6 (needed for your brain, your bones and your metabolism).  If that wasn’t enough, it’s also got all the essential amino acids which your body absolutely cannot do without, PLUS it’s rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, calcium, iron, folate and magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, beta-carotene, potassium and lots more. Phew!

Hemp Flour is Versatile and Delicious

Whether you’re going for sweet or savoury, there are hundreds of recipes old and new which benefit from Hemp Flour’s nutty flavour. It’s perfect not just for breads and cakes, but also in veggie burgers and vegan meatballs. What’s more, it works perfectly as a replacement for white flour and other nutritionally irrelevant carbohydrates. Here’s a couple of recipes to get you started:





We love experimenting in the kitchen, and we reckon any sustainable food which is this healthy for our bodies deserves more attention. Do you agree? If so, have a play around with Hemp Flour and send us your recipes. We’ll publish them online and in return we’ll send you more free hemp products. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have a Money Back Guarantee…you’ve got nothing to lose (except for that swollen gut feeling).