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HEMP MARCH 09, 2021

Hemp Protein - The Best Natural Protein on Earth

Hemp is one of the planet's most consistent and reliable sources of protein. Although it’s closely related to Marijuana, it doesn't get you high – so no need to worry about failing any of those roadside swab tests.

Hold on - we have a simplified blog on hemp protein that you could check out here if you want the notes.

Current trends show that consumers are moving closer to plant-based proteins because they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, plus they contain much lower quantities of additives and fillers. Millennials are largely responsible for this change as they continue to search for healthy protein sources which are meat-free and dairy-free. Recent research by Nielsen demonstrates that almost 50% of people surveyed are willing to pay a premium for products that have less of an environmental impact on our planet. Statistics show this is not just a fad and plant-based proteins are beginning to gain traction. According to this study, meat and dairy consumption in the USA has dropped by one-third since the 1970s. People are becoming more educated and therefore wish to avoid the saturated fats, high cholesterol and prevalent use of hormones and antibiotics in the meat and dairy industry. 


Why Hemp? 

Hemp Protein Powder


But why is Hemp Protein so good, you ask? With 50.3g of protein per 100g, Hemp's protein profile is higher than or the same as most meats (including fish). This makes it an awesome substitute in cooking, and an addition to your post-workout shake. Hemp contains more digestible protein than any other plant-based source, including soy, pea and flax. Hemp is protein the way nature intended. It’s considered a complete protein as it includes all 20 essential amino acids required for optimum health. Hemp protein is made up of around 65 per cent globulin Edestin protein, which is an essential protein that helps repair DNA at the cellular level. Additionally, Edestin is entirely compatible with the human digestive system (unlike other proteins such as soy and whey, which are known to cause stomach issues). Hemp also contains 30 per cent albumin which is another protein similar to egg whites, plus essential minerals for the human body (such as iron, copper, manganese, folate and magnesium) are found in hemp protein. In an age where quick and easy proteins are normal, hemp naturally contains around 17 grams of fibre per 100 grams which ensures you receive your daily fibre intake.  Hemp is simply the best source of protein out there. 

Meat vs Hemp

Meat tastes better than Hemp? Yes, meat does have more flavour (depending on who you ask), but look…we’re at the pointy end of climate change here. Regardless of your perspective on the ethics of including animals in your diet, the fact is that livestock farming utilises vast amounts of water and large quantities of land to produce small amounts of protein. This method of farming protein is entirely unsustainable for our planet. It’s been ingrained in our culture for decades but if we want to have ANY culture at all for more than another couple of decades, it’s time to make that change. 


Meat VS Hemp Protein


Raising livestock damages the environment and is a massive contributor to global greenhouse emissions. In some parts of the world, the native forest is decimated to make way for new livestock farms to feed humans. This not only erodes natural habitat for animals but destroys our planet by reducing the amount of oxygen being released into the atmosphere. Plant-based protein sources have a reduced impact on mother earth and are suitable for organic cultivation, plus Hemp requires no use of herbicides, pesticides or petrochemical fertilisers. The research has been done and the evidence is undeniable: plant-based diets are not only healthier than meat-based diets, but are far better for our environment.


Australian Hemp Protein

It shouldn’t be a shock to see hemp substitutes arriving at a grocery near you - the Australian market for hemp seeds in breads, cereals, protein powders and snacks has created a new wave of growers all over the country. Most notably, Tasmania is currently producing 66% of Australia’s hemp seed - which is processed into that wonderful protein. Infact, the number of growers has jumped from 29 in 2018, to 49 in 2019. Because hemp is actually a kind of “weeds”, as in, the annoying kind that pops up in your garden and grows back super fast, it carries the same attributes for growing. This means Hemp crops are easy to grow for farmers.

Mitch Costin, an operations manager for Australian Primary Hemp, stated the company has seen unprecedented demand for the seed. "The protein powder is being used by various markets, but also being included in value-added products, whether its protein bars or cereals."


The Future Is Green!


Future is Hemp Protein


Although hemp has been utilised for thousands of years, current research is demonstrating the full extent of its beneficial impact on ecological and health concerns. Do your part to help future-proof our planet by transitioning to a plant-based protein. It’s not as hard as it seems: try substituting just a small part of your diet for plant-based alternatives and even one or two meals per week is a step in the right direction.

When you switch to hemp, not only are you helping preserve our beautiful planet for future generations, but the improvement in your own long-term health means that you’ll still be around to enjoy it with them!