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About to buy another bottle

I'm about to order my second bottle of hemp oil! Just saying. Actions speak louder than words, right? :)

awesome product that turned up quickly


Hemp Seed Oil

I ordered the hemp seed oil about a month ago. I am using it every day taking couple of tbs a day internally and using it on my skin externally. I haven't really noticed any difference as in my well being but I certainly can see difference on my skin: my cuticles are less dry, a scar on my skin healed quite quickly and some rash I had on my leg improved. I was hoping to get some better results though as so many people reported huge benefits. Maybe I need to take it for longer period to see some improvement. I probably will order again to see if I get better results.

Hemp Seed Oil

The Hemp Seed Oil is ok. I have tasted it and it’s ok. Not very pleasant on it’s own but not horrible. Any oil on it’s own is rather unpleasant. I have used it on my face and thought it does an ok job moisturising. I suffer from varying degrees of Rosacea and bought this to see if it helps that out. Seems to help a little. Will continue to use. Overall very happy. Great service and quick delivery also.

Product arrival

Arrived in good nick and fashion. It was an improvement on previous order sent to Queensland! I think the product is excellent and prefer it with the omega 3 6 9 than using a fish oil.



Sold out


Hemp Seed Oil is considered THE most balanced oil in all of nature. Hemp Seeds are natural, vegan, full of plant-based protein, packed with healthy fats and perfectly balanced with the correct ratio of the essential fatty acids Omega 6 to Omega 3. For nutrition, it is unparalleled. Our raw cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil provides vital nutrients and natural (legal) cannabinoids, plus it’s high in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin E, sodium, sulfur and zinc. Used for both food and body care, whether you eat it or massage it into your skin, Hemp Seed Oil provides a range of necessary nutrients and helps prevent a variety of common diseases. We're so certain you'll see a difference before the end of the bottle that we're offering a Money Back Guarantee.

Health benefits

Hemp Seed Oil contains two essential fatty acids: omega 6 and omega 3. They’re “essential” because our body cannot make them, so we need to have them in our diet. They’re necessary for cell and body growth, maintenance of cell membranes, reducing inflammation and keeping our hearts healthy. Unlike other common sources of omega oils, Hemp Seed Oil provides the right balance of omega-6 to omega-3 in a 3:1 ratio. This means your body can properly absorb it, as without the right balance, it can actually be detrimental. Our hemp seed oil contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant which helps protect your cells from free radicals. It also contains plant cholesterol, which reduces bad cholesterol in your body and helps regulate your weight. Our cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil also provides a ton of other beneficial nutrients.

Nutritional Information

How to use

When you eat Hemp Seed Oil, all you need is one teaspoon a day. This will meet your daily needs for all the nutritional goodness contained in those wonderful little hemp seeds. Use hemp oil in smoothies, salads, vegetables and pasta dishes. To conserve the essential fatty acids, we suggest you use it raw or gently heated. Hemp Seed Oil is also great for external use. It alleviates dry skin, strengthens nails and heals cuticles, helps relieve joint pain, works well to remove makeup, as a facial mask, it reduces acne and relieves eczema, and it's even an excellent hair conditioner!