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Butter's Mistake

Butter's Mistake

Decadent as butter without a guilty sip. Invigorating flavours embody this cocktail, with The Myrcene gin fusing both fruity and earthy tones that emulate a warm and humid summer's day. Taste the sweet notes from the tarty lemon sherbet and bask in the delight of passionfruit's tangy yet soft tropical zing. Every ingredient is celebrated in this refreshing cocktail which makes it a drink you always want to have at arm's length.


120ml The Myrcene Hemp Gin
60ml Passionfruit syrup
30ml Honey syrup
60ml Lemon juice
15ml Lemon Sherbet


Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and then fill it with ice. Ensure the lid is fully tightened before you give it a good shake. Prepare with a glass of your choice, preferably a short-glass and strain the liquid into it. Lastly, finish it up with adding some crushed ice and a lime wheel as a garnish.