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Madeline Loughran – Cannabis Cocktails

Madeline is the creator of The Myrcene Martini. Bright, friendly and energetic, her tireless work ethic and outgoing personality earned her an ambassadorial role with Sydney legends Archie Rose. She works at Ends & Means in Fitzroy. 


How does gin make you feel?

I absolutely love gin! It’s my favourite base spirit for cocktails and mixed drinks because it’s so incredibly versatile, the options are endless. I’m just stoked it’s having a resurgence especially with all of the new Australian craft gins available.


Do they go well together?

It’s quite an interesting pairing, with the right pairing of botanicals I think it works very well as a modern gin.


When you use gin in your drinks, how do you want people to feel?

I want to be able to mould a gin to different palates and bring out different flavours and styles from a singular product. There are so many ways to drink gin, I love being able to show people that gin doesn’t always have to be dry and stiff.


Myrcene Martini

What's your earliest recollection of marijuana, weed, cannabis? Was it present in your local environment or more of a pop culture thing?

I think my earliest recollection of marijuana would be from holidays, there were lots of hemp products from clothing to beauty products available in quite a few stores. 


Is cannabis legalisation a good idea?

It’s definitely an issue that needs a lot of discussions, research and regulation.


Tell me one thing you'd like to see the change in your industry?

Changes are happening in our industry every day, it’s ever-evolving and I believe we are heading in a good direction.


What's your future dream?

I would really love to get all of my side projects off the ground and spend more time creating.


Check out more of Madeline's work at https://www.instagram.com/madelineloughran/


The Myrcene Hemp Gin