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NEWS MAY 26, 2020

How to Write a Helpful Product Review

First things first - we love your reviews! By giving your honest opinion, it helps people choose wisely and really get to know the product. 

But what makes a helpful product review? We’ve put together a guide to help you structure a top-notch review and really get across your experience with your Cannabis Co products so others in the community can benefit. 


Hot tips for writing a review: 

  • Explain why you purchased the product: Was it to treat or alleviate a problem and what results did you see? 
  • What did it help with: Sensitive tummies, arthritic pain or headaches, pups with long fur or itchy skin? 
  • Use your senses: Describe the texture, scent, taste, etc
  • Tell us how it arrived: Shipping experience, condition it arrived in, your thoughts on the packaging.

Where Do I Review My Purchased Hemp Products?

You will have received an email with a review form to submit, but you can also leave a review by searching for your product on site and scrolling down the product listing until you see ‘Write a Review’. Fill in the fields and voila!


What Do You Do with My Review?

We take reviews very seriously – often they help us to inform changes to all aspects of our business, because your experience is what is important to us. We publish reviews to our site and also use them in some marketing materials – to help educate more people about our products and what you think of them. 


Don’t Forget to Take a Pic for Socials! 

If you like taking pictures of your new treasures, we’re always excited to see them - we’ve even gift free products to those who take the time to get a nice snap with our hemp products. Tag @cannacoaus on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see it!