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Roy Martins Das Neves

Roy invented the Trenchtown Breeze and the True Bredren. A bartender of impeccable taste as well as a talented fashion photographer, he can be spotted behind the bar at Lily Blacks in Melbourne CBD. 


How does gin make you feel?

Personally, it's not my preferred spirit as I'm more of a sweet tooth and gravitate towards Rums, in particular, Agricole. Though having said that, I really appreciate the versatility and complexity gin brings to cocktails.


How does cannabis make you feel?

In a state of Tranquillity and Serenity.


Do they go well together?

I believe it does. Cannabis is so intricate; there are quite a few strains and as I mentioned previously, Gin is complex that when combined, both provide layers of flavour.



Roy Martins Das Neves making cocktails



When you use gin in your drinks, how do you want people to feel?

Like all my drinks, I hope people enjoy the layers that each drink has, from the smell to the texture and flavour profile. I want to confuse people by breaking the mould.


What's your relationship with the cannabis plant?

Haha, I personally don't have a strong relationship with it. It's like a lunar eclipse, it's rare but always a delightful experience.


What's your earliest recollection of marijuana, weed, cannabis? Was it present in your local environment or more of a pop culture thing?

I had an uncle that used to grow it in his backyard, right next to the chilli, parsley and mint. He used to make his own beef jerky and Chorizo. He'd pack and sell it to various stores around Melbourne, He was quite successful. The family couldn't get enough of that stuff. Now that I think of it, it all kinda makes sense now…


Trenchtown Breeze


Is cannabis legalisation a good idea?

It's a proven medicine, It vexes me that it isn't legalised here in Australia. I believe it works wonders for people with chronic sickness and would be a huge help for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The biggest hurdle when doing chemo is the loss off appetite, Cannabis is something that could combat that issue.


Tell me one thing you'd like to see a change in your industry?

Sustainability. Everyone talks about it but very few venues make a change.

Also, the amount of food wastage that venues throw away is messed up. I don't understand why that food can't go to the less fortunate people struggling to make ends meet or the homeless. Appalling.


What's your future dream?

To have a successful cocktail bar, one that's unique to Melbourne and that's 100% self-sustainable.


 You can check out Roy's work at https://www.instagram.com/royyroyyy/ 


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