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Why Hemp is a Superfood

Research shows that it takes at least 66 days of repeating something every day to form automatic behaviours. So, if you don’t even want to think about drinking water first thing in the morning, getting up and going for a run, or adding hemp to your brekkie, then it’s time to commit to at least the end of March to see these every day actions become automatic. 

What’s great is that no matter what your health or wellness goal is, hemp can help in some way! And to give you one less thing to think about, you can shop all Cannabis Co products on subscription, so you can put all your energy into forming killer new behaviours rather than having to remember when you’re due for a re-up! With our subscriptions, you can now customise how often you want to receive products and how many shipments, plus you get a lil’ 5% discount too. Sign me up!

So, how can hemp help? 

Hemp Farm


While hemp has become more and more popular over the years, this plant is still misunderstood, and its powers (or superpowers as we like to say!) are commonly overlooked. 

All hemp foods and products start life as a humble hemp seed (yep, the oil, flour, protein powders, the lot!), so there’s no wondering why to truly understand this superfood we can look at the nutritional value of the hemp seed. 



Working on your wellness for 2021? This baby is packed with the perfect (and unrivalled) ratio of both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, while being low in nasties like saturated fats. Adding hemp products into your diet means these healthy fats can work together in harmony to reduce inflammation in the body and even help manage symptoms of arthritis and fatty liver disease. 


You might be thinking ‘We all experience inflammation from time to time, why’s it such a big deal?’, and you’d be right! Inflammation is your body’s natural response and defence mechanism when it starts trying to heal itself. This could be from a cut, bacteria in the body or even a broken bone. But long term inflammation sends your body into an overload of stress and that’s when it can be harmful.  Chronic inflammation has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and joint problems, psoriasis and even allergies, so it’s easy to see why opting for something anti-inflammatory and even using hemp as a preventative can be so helpful. 



If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit or build muscle, then listen up! Hemp is a rockstar in the food world because three tablespoons of hemp seeds contains around  10 grams of protein, plus it’s a complete source of protein which is uncommon in the plant-based protein world. This means it contains a full amino profile  (the building blocks of proteins) including essential amino acids that our body doesn’t produce on its own, as well as the non-essential. This full amino profile means hemp gets to work fast in your body and has everything it needs to boost your body’s ability to heal and repair, digest food and of course, build energy and muscle in your body. 


Vitamins & Minerals 

If adding more fibre, vitamins and minerals into your diet is what you want this year, then it will be music to your ears that this superfood is packed with an array of them! From iron and vitamin E to support your immune system & skin to magnesium and potassium to keep your muscles and nerves healthy, hemp can do it all!  



How do I even use hemp?

Holding a Bottle of Hemp Seed Oil

If you’re new to the wonderful world of hemp, welcome! If you’re a regular, let us jog your memory on all the ways we love to cook with hemp. 


Whether you’re cooking with the oil, seeds or flour, hemp has a deliciously rich, nutty flavour. While the flours and seeds can be added and cooked in with other ingredients, the oil is a bit more heat  sensitive. With a low smoking point, hemp seed oil isn’t great used to sauté veg in or for use in a fry pan, but instead use it as a drizzle on top of your salad, in delightful dressings and even add a dash in your post-workout smoothie. 


Hemp Tahini Bread

In fact, there’s not much hemp can’t do! Try out some of our fave recipes. 

Hemp Tahini Bread

Low-carb, high-fibre bread. Win, win! 

Cacao & Hemp Bliss Balls 

Chocolate meets hemp? Say no more. 

Hemp Protein Nutty Butter Cups 

Perfect for a snack or even dessert! 

Hemp Baked Tofu Buddha Bowl 

Yep, even tofu loves hemp.


Kickstart 2021 the right way and support your goals, body and mind with hemp. Check out our  100% Raw Hemp Seed Oil,Hemp Protein and  Hemp Flour now.


Written by Creath Creative