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Alex Grumball – Cannabis Cocktails

Alex is the creator of the Instant Crush. Originally from across the pond, this Kiwi relocated to Melbourne for its unparalleled culture of creativity. His natural flair as a cocktail bartender is matched only by a strong sense of adventure and a high level of technical ability. Check out his skills IRL at Ends & Means in Fitzroy.


How does gin make you feel?

Gin makes me think of the story as much as it does flavour. I identify with the product that has a soul, and as the first spirit, I ever understood gin is something that can carry a significant amount of weight.


How does cannabis make you feel?

Cannabis isn't something that's been a large part of my life, but I know it well and endorse the benefits.


Instant Crush

Do they go well together?

I never thought that the two would go well together until I understood the Myrcene ideology and gained a better knowledge of distillation. Now it seems like one of the best candidates for an aromatic, textured gin.


When you use gin in your drinks, how do you want people to feel?

When I use gin in my drinks, I want people to feel a connection to the story behind both the gin and the drink in front of them. Most times I try to tailor that drink to them at the moment, which means that both the gin and drink become theirs.


What's your relationship with the cannabis plant?

 I don't really have a relationship to Cannabis, beyond a decent level of respect. I think it should be legal and can do a lot of good. After all, alcohol causes far more social issues than weed!


Instant Crush

Who would you rather serve, a drunk or a stoner?

I don't really care who asks for a drink, but drunk or stoned both I wouldn't be able to serve them.


Tell me one thing you'd like to see the change in your industry?

I'd like to change the disconnect between hospitality as a career and something that enables us to hide our struggles behind personas, booze or drugs. Hospitality can be a messed up gig, and we all need support to get through that when it happens.


What's your future dream?

My future dream is to have or work a bar I've built, stocking and serving the interesting products of the world to guests that care to experience and learn about them. Having a distillery out back wouldn't be too bad, either.



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