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Instant Crush

Instant Crush

Whipped up on the spot for Myrcene Hemp gin to showcase its versatility across spirits categories. I'm big on amaro and absinthe flavours myself, which appear to go hand-in-hand with the oily intricacy of the cannabis leaf. What I wanted to do with this drink was put a bunch of flavours that ordinarily wouldn't go together – just like I once thought about weed and gin – and make them work. The result is big and as dry as it is sweet, with a clear savoury aftertaste from this rockstar of a gin. The name comes from my love for Daft Punk, and the improvisational manner in which they seem to take a sample, an idea, and instantly crush it


40ml The Myrcene Hemp Gin 

25ml Lemon

20ml St. George Bruto Americano / Amaro Averna

5ml St. George Coffee Liqueur / Borghetti

10ml Crème de Menthe Tempus Fugit

6x Dashes of Egg White Substitute

15ml House Made Orgeat


Add all ingredients to tin and hard shake for 10 seconds. Strain into glass and garnish with a pretty bouquet.