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Australia Creates The World’s First AI Designed Hemp Artwork | The Cannabis Co.

The Idea

The concept is a ground-breaking new series from The Cannabis Company and explores hemp in a new realm, the first of its kind in the world. The artwork itself is a representation of a new and exciting art form that has captivated people globally and integrates a powerful growing technology called AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What initiated the project was our love for the hemp plant and our mission to unite as many people with hemp as imaginable. Art is a language which can be understood by anyone; unconstrained by the laws and rules of our modern world and subject to the freedom of creation. All humans possess emotions that can be evoked by various things, but what if a feeling is absent and the art is purely technological? How would a computer describe the plant without all the misconceptions and prejudice often found with hemp? What would hemp look like from an impartial perspective?

In an attempt to understand the raw code behind machine learning, our artwork series examines a new world of reality, where we can now view what computers see comparably to humans. The incredibly sophisticated AI technology created only a finite number of abstractions of the hemp plant. It cannot be repeated again, making these paintings genuinely iconic.

The Technology

Tom White endured three months of collecting photos and developing algorithms that would define the process and ultimately lay down the creative abstractive imagery of hemp. His interests have always existed within the realms of visual abstraction created with and recognised by computer vision systems.

Tom is pioneering an art form that leads us on an original exploration of artistry and hemp humans have yet to conceptualise. Tom derived the electric fan painting by using the same technique as with the hemp artwork, visually abstracting an electric fan through the lens of AI.

Just as painter Renè Magritte once challenged the idea of what reality is with the painting "This is not a pipe", the hemp artwork also alludes to what an alternate reality may look like.

The Scientific Approach

The Cannabis Company couldn't envision a more electric outcome working with Tom. This revolutionising artwork, even though abstract, is clearly identifiable as to what it is – for both computers and humans. Recognisable worldwide by third-party recognition systems such as Google's Vision AI, these systems can identify the concepts of the abstract painting and decide that the algorithms used are universally understood by all AI systems.

So, what defines hemp?

It's the distinct colour, plant features such as leaves, but most notably the genus: Hemp. This cutting-edge method of creating art through AI and recognition via online computer systems introduces a brand-new concept to the world. The artwork series is an unspoiled creation that sits at the intersection of the art and tech world, and has now solidified its place as the very first of its kind, and will never be re-created again.

That’s Why…

Each limited-edition canvas is made of pure 100% premium quality hemp canvas supplied by the Aussie mother-daughter owned company Hemp Gallery, who share many of the same values as The Cannabis Company - an environmentally sustainable future starts with hemp. The paints used are entirely water-based and from the Aussie premium ink supplier Permaset. They are behind some of the eco-friendliest inks containing no PVC or phthalates.

Tom's artistic abilities allowed for each painting to have its own distinct colour palettes through creating his own custom mixed colours and applying four layers of ink to achieve the unique colour scheme the AI system developed. Tailoring every canvas to illustrate its utmost form of rarity. Each canvas is adorned with an original painting from the AI system, hand painted making each painting unique and 100% Aussie based.