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PETS JULY 07, 2023

Pet Product Power: Top 5 Life-Changing Reviews

Welcome, dear pet lovers and pet parents! We know how much you adore your fur babies and are always on the hunt for ways to improve their health and happiness. That's why we're so excited to share some feedback that we've received from our fabulous customers, who have seen incredible results from our products.

These are not just testimonials; they're stories of transformation, stories of hope, and, most importantly, stories of improved pet wellness. We're immensely grateful to each pet parent who took the time to share their experience, as every story helps others understand the benefits and impact of our products better.

Now, prepare to be inspired by these true accounts of resilience, recovery, and rejuvenation. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and join us as we walk through our top 5 best customer reviews, showcasing the amazing effects of our pet health products. Let's get started!


1.Jean Warburton's 9-Year-Old American Bulldog Finds New Lease of Life with Marley - Hemp Seed Oil for Optimal Health | 200ml

In her review, Jean Warburton heartwarmingly shares, "Bought the hemp for my 9yr old American Bulldog. He’s stiffening up a little with arthritis, he’s been having it for about 18 months, he seems to be getting around much better since he’s been having your product. Thank you. Would recommend this product."

These stories inspire us and reinforce our commitment to providing the best for our furry friends. The dog in question is Jean's 9-year-old American Bulldog. A sprightly soul, his zest for life was getting bogged down by the increasing stiffness caused by arthritis. This is a common problem among older dogs, and it can significantly impact their mobility and overall quality of life.

Jean took a leap of faith and introduced our Marley Hemp Seed Oil into her bulldog's routine. And the result? The improvement she has seen in her Bulldog is a testament to Marley's potent formula.


Marley's perfect ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids supports joint health, reducing inflammation and enhancing mobility. Plus, the presence of vital vitamins and minerals helps boost overall health, allowing pets to live their lives to the fullest.

Seeing her Bulldog getting around much better is undoubtedly a relief for Jean, and it's also a joy for us to hear. Stories like these remind us why we do what we do. Our goal at BUDDYPET is to ensure every pet leads a happy, healthy life free from discomfort.

And what about Jean's recommendation? Well, it says it all. When a pet parent sees such positive changes in their pet's health and willingly recommends the product, it's the most genuine endorsement we could ask for.


So, if you have a pet struggling with mobility issues or just want to boost their overall health, why not try Marley Hemp Seed Oil? Who knows, you might have a success story to share soon!


2. Jen B's Senior Pets Enjoy the Benefits of Marley - Hemp Seed Oil for Optimal Health | 200ml

Jen B graciously shares her experience with us, saying, “My two seniors have benefited so much since being on Marley! I initially tried it for aggression in a senior Pomeranian rescue dog."


However, the other two thought they were missing out so I started giving it to them too. When I first adopted Monty, his skin was so inflamed he screamed from plain water when bathing him. We couldn’t pay him because his skin was so raw. It took less than a month of being on Marley to start calming down.


That was September 2020. We noticed if we miss a few days, his skin starts to flare up again. We can wrestle with him and give him the cuddles he deserves now!

Teddy is full of arthritis! He has no cartilage in his shoulders or knees and is usually in pain. Again, the Marley Hemp Oil works wonders for him and we notice the difference if we stop giving it to him! If friends have issues with their pups, Cannaco is the first company I suggest to them.


The fact they can research products in the Hemp library for their pups or themselves is amazing. I wouldn’t give my dogs anything without researching the product completely. And the fact this is provided on their website is awesome. I have put my full trust in CannaCo for my dog’s wellbeing I love they are an Aussie company too!”

Jen's account paints a vivid picture of the transformative power of our Marley Hemp Seed Oil. Jen's senior pets were struggling with several issues, and after incorporating Marley into their daily routine, she noticed a significant positive change in their overall well-being.


One of her seniors, a Pomeranian, even found relief from aggression and severe skin inflammation!

Marley Hemp Seed Oil is an all-rounder. Not only does it soothe skin issues and ease aggression, but it also has numerous other benefits, thanks to the carefully formulated blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.


It supports the immune system, aids in maintaining a healthy coat, and strengthens nails, offering comprehensive health support to your pets.

But what's more striking is Jen's trust in CannaCo, which shines through her words. Trust is built on positive experiences. When someone puts their 'full trust' into a product, it speaks volumes about its effectiveness and reliability.


This kind of heartfelt endorsement from a real customer is invaluable. It's a testament to the difference Marley Hemp Seed Oil can make in the lives of pets.

Jen's story might be the nudge you need if you're on the fence about trying Marley Hemp Seed Oil. After all, every pet deserves a chance to thrive, just like Jen's seniors did!


So, why try Marley and see the improvements it can bring to your beloved companions? You might be the next to share a heartwarming success story with us!

3. Hanson's Pug Experiences Quick Relief with Toby - Skin Balm for Cuts, Insects and Wounds | 100g

George Hanson openly shares, “I have to say I didn't think it would work, my pug has some serious skin issues, and he's previously taken oral medication but it didn't sit well. A friend recommended that I try hemp so I thought this was the most appropriate treatment based on the range. Cleared up in less than a week. Absolute lifesaver, thank you guys!!”

In the heart of George's story lies a situation many pet parents can resonate with - dealing with persistent skin problems in their furry friends. The joy and relief in George's words are palpable. His pug, suffering from severe skin issues, found a game-changing solution in our Toby Skin Balm.

Formulated by an in-house vet, Toby Skin Balm isn't just a standard skincare product. It's a powerful blend of hemp seed oil, renowned for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.


These properties help combat various skin issues, including insect bites, cuts, and wounds, providing much-needed relief for our furry friends.

So, when George reports his pug's skin cleared up in less than a week, it's a testament to the effectiveness of Toby Skin Balm and the power of natural ingredients.


His words, "Absolute lifesaver," convey Toby Skin Balm's profound impact on his pug's quality of life and, consequently, his peace of mind.

Are you dealing with similar skin issues with your pet? George's experience is a beacon of hope and a clear demonstration that persistent skin problems can be overcome.


Toby Skin Balm turned the tables for George's pug. Your pet could be the next success story, finding relief and happiness with Toby's magic touch. Give it a try, and you might share a success story like George's!


4. Vera Evangelou's Elderly Cat Finds a New Lease on Life with Luna - Health Support for Cats | 100ml

Vera Evangelou enthusiastically shares, "My 21 yr old cat has kidney disease & severe osteoarthritis, she could hardly walk & was looking quite scraggly. She has been taking Luna for some time now & everything has improved. She walks without pain, she is so much happier & is purring all the time. Her eyes are bright & her fur has thickened up & is silky smooth. She is such a fussy eater but loves the taste, l put it directly onto her food. .l also adds chicken bone broth to her food daily, l believe both these things have helped with her health. The Vet can’t believe she is still alive & doing so well "

Vera's story is a testament to the transformative effect our Luna Health Support can have on senior cats. Living with chronic conditions like kidney disease and severe osteoarthritis can be tough for our feline friends.


However, with Luna's blend of fish oil and hemp seed oil, cats can experience a significant boost in their overall health and happiness, just like Vera's 21-year-old cat.

Luna is not just any health support supplement. Its anti-inflammatory properties provide much-needed relief for cats suffering from painful conditions like osteoarthritis.


Simultaneously, its antioxidant properties help reduce oxidative stress and slow down the aging process, enabling senior cats to enjoy their twilight years with a youthful zest.

Vera's experience with Luna is a heartening story of recovery and renewal. From struggling to walk due to pain to being "so much happier & purring all the time," her cat's transformation is remarkable. The words "everything has improved" underline the comprehensive benefits Luna can offer to our feline companions.

Vera's story offers hope if your senior cat is struggling with similar health issues. Luna could be just what your cat needs to enhance their quality of life and fill their golden years with contentment and joy.


It's not just about extending life but improving the quality of life, and that's exactly what Luna aims to do. So, why not give Luna a chance and witness your beloved pet bask in the joy of their twilight years, just like Vera's cat?

5. Jess Urquhart's Senior German Shepherd Finds Renewed Youth with Milly - Health Support for Senior Dogs

Jess Urquhart enthusiastically shares, "I love this for my GSD - Akira is 11 years old and has been diagnosed with anxiety from a pup. Within 1 week of starting on the Lola mix the results could be seen - she started sleeping properly and deeply, coat felt and looked like diamonds. A month after starting Lola and my 11yo GSD was bouncing around like a puppy - flexibility in hips increased well enough for her to start getting back up on the couch for cuddles! Also, a visible reduction in yeast buildup in ears (a common issue in the breed). I've given samples to a friend for Weimaraner dogs and a 16-year-old cat and both are reporting happier and healthier pets! Thanks so much for making this great product!"

Jess's account of her German Shepherd's transformation is an absolute joy to read. It's heartening to hear how Milly - our dedicated health support for senior dogs - has helped Akira rediscover her youthfulness and vitality.


Milly's benefits for Akira are multifaceted from promoting deeper sleep to enhancing coat health and reducing yeast buildup in her ears.

Milly's unique formulation is specifically designed for senior dogs like Akira. It's a potent antioxidant supplement that offers anti-inflammatory benefits. This can lead to increased mobility and improved overall well-being, as demonstrated in Akira's case.

Moreover, what stands out is Akira's elevated mood. Anxious from a young age, she seems to have found comfort and tranquility with the help of Milly. This is a testament to the holistic wellness support that Milly provides. It goes beyond physical health, reaching into our pets' mental and emotional wellness.

What's more, Milly's benefits seem to be different from breed or species-specific. Jess notes that both Weimaraner dogs and a 16-year-old cat also benefited from Milly, reflecting its broad effectiveness.

To all pet parents looking to provide their furry seniors with an extra boost of vitality, consider trying Milly. It could be the secret to healthier, happier, and more youthful golden years for your pets.


If Milly can bring such notable changes to Akira's life, just imagine what it could do for your beloved fur babies. Give Milly a chance and let your senior pets shine!


In Conclusion

We're in awe of these inspiring narratives that beautifully capture the healing and rejuvenating capabilities of hemp seed oil products for our furry companions. Each testimonial is a testament to these products' potential to address many pet health concerns.

Whether it's a senior dog finding newfound vitality, a cat overcoming chronic health issues, or a pug experiencing soothing relief from skin problems, every story is a remarkable testament to the transformative power of BUDDYPET products.

If you've yet to introduce these products into your pet's daily wellness routine, you might think, "It's about time!" Take a page from our happy customers' book and let your pets start reaping the benefits of our meticulously crafted, health-enhancing products.

At BUDDYPET, we're passionately committed to enriching your pets' lives, prioritizing their health and happiness above all. Together, we embark on this extraordinary journey for the shared love of our animal companions and their wellbeing.

To each pet parent reading this - thank you for being part of the BUDDYPET family. Stay tuned for more exciting stories of transformation and health in our next blog post.

Until then, continue celebrating the joy your pets bring into your lives. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Curious about the impact of our products on pet health? Check out our website to read heartwarming testimonials from our satisfied customers. Don't miss out, dive into our blog today and discover the BUDDYPET difference!


What is the primary ingredient in BUDDYPET's pet health products?

Our primary ingredient is hemp seed oil, known for its rich profile of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all beneficial to your pet's overall health.

Can these products help my pet with a specific health issue?

Our products have shown promising results in alleviating a variety of health issues such as arthritis, skin problems, anxiety, and more. However, as each pet's condition may be unique, we always recommend discussing your pet's health with your vet before starting any new supplement.

Are BUDDYPET's pet health products safe for all pets?

Our products are generally safe for all pets. But for specifics, each product has recommended dosages and applications for different species and sizes of pets. Always check the product details or consult with your vet if you're unsure.

How quickly can I see results in my pet's health after using BUDDYPET's products?

While many of our customers report seeing improvements within a few weeks, the exact timeframe can vary depending on the pet's specific condition, the severity of symptoms, and how they respond to the product.

Where can I read more about customer experiences with BUDDYPET products?

For a deeper dive into customer experiences, we recommend reading our blog where we feature top customer reviews. These stories highlight the real-life impact of our products on pets' health and well-being.