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Luna - Health Support for Cats | 100ml

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Introducing BUDDYPET Luna, the unrivaled fusion of 100% raw, cold-pressed Australian Hemp Seed Oil and Fish Oil. Designed with your feline's health at the forefront, Luna represents a breakthrough in pet nutrition and wellness. Luna is much more than just a supplement; it's a strategic blend of nature's most potent nutrients aimed at enhancing your cat's overall health.

Luna's unique formulation boasts an impressive array of health benefits. The combined power of hemp seed oil and fish oil offers a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These can bring relief to arthritic joints, enhancing your cat's mobility and comfort. Essential minerals such as magnesium and iron, teamed with vitamin E and B group vitamins, further fortify your pet's health from within.

What distinguishes Luna, however, is its significant content of DHA and EPA, two critical Omega-3 compounds. DHA benefits cats of all life stages, from spry kittens to senior felines. EPA's potent anti-inflammatory effects offer targeted support for older cats, especially those contending with chronic diseases like arthritis. Luna's nutrient-dense blend serves to support your cat's heart and brain health while regulating mood, sleep, and anxiety.

Incorporating Luna into your cat's diet means harnessing the benefits of hemp oil for cats. This all-natural, holistic supplement is carefully designed to support your cat's wellbeing and longevity. Luna's unique blend of hemp seed oil and fish oil is a testament to the healing power of nature, offering your pet a route to improved health and quality of life.

Product Information

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What it Does

BUDDYPET Luna boosts overall well-being, eases pain in arthritic joints, maintains the heart and brain health, and regulates mood, sleep, and anxiety.

How to Use It

This supplement is safe for cats; follow the recommended dosage based on size and add it to food daily or let them lick it off a spoon. Instructions on the bottle, start early in life if possible, as cats can be picky eaters, and be persistent. 

More Information

Cats adore the vet-formulated Luna supplement, featuring fish oil for enhanced taste. This nutrient-rich blend supports your cat's health with omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron, vitamin E, and B vitamins, while the high DHA and EPA content benefits cats at all life stages.


Daily: Administer one drop initially, and gradually increase to 3 drops over a 2-week period. Same dose for all cat sizes and weights.

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Will it make my pet high?

A: Not at all. With less than 0.00001% THC, our hemp seed oil for pets won't cause any "high" feelings, even in vast amounts. Learn more about the difference between hemp which gets you high and hemp which makes you healthy.

Can I apply it externally to skin, fur and coat, or should it only be added to food?

BUDDYPET Luna is desigend for internal use only. 

Is it suitable for all animals?

A: BUDDYPET Luna is suitable for felines only. As far as we know, no animals have had an adverse reaction to hemp. 

Everything sounds great, but you’re just trying to sell me things. Do you have any proof that this works?

A: Explore our happy customer's feedback below, and once you see the magic of our hemp seed oil for your pets, share your tale and fetch a surprise!

Customer Reviews

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Sharen Mitchell

Bought this in the hopes that it will help my two boys, Harley and Beau. Both cats were diagnosed with HTCM at an early age, thankfully they both stayed on the lowest risk stage for 7 years. Unfortunately Harley decided to step it up a level. The vet advised that the standard treatment probably wouldn’t help much at this stage, so enter the Luna supplement. Both boys seem to enjoy it. I am looking forward to see their next scan results. So fingers crossed.

Grant Dale
Luna gold

Wow guys this product is working magic on my cat Murray. He’s 17 years old this year and has been diagnosed with CKDand was slowing up. Luna has given him a new look at life.


My 4-year-old timid Maine Coon is an extremely fussy eater. I was beginning to despair watching her health deteriorate. I came across BuddyPet in a Google search and decided to give it a go, especially since it is a liquid and not tablets, being easier to give to her. Within a few days, she started to change. Her coat continues to improve, and she is no longer the scardy cat she usually is. It has been 3 weeks since she started using it. I am looking forward to seeing what a few months will do.