How To Access CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia

How To Access CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia

Over the past few months we’ve delved into the history of CBD, its uses & benefits, the difference between CBD & THC, and how exactly cannabis affects your body via the endocannabinoid system. Just one question remains – how do I get my hands on it here in Australia?

The easiest and most cost-effective way to gain access to CBD or THC products in Australia is to grow them yourself. Google has thousands of online merchants selling seeds, and YouTube has many growing videos. If you know elementary gardening skills, then Cannabis is an easy and cost-effective plant to grow. Warning: if planting outside they can grow enormous!  

If you do not want to put yourself at risk of a visit from the local blue team then at this present time there is only one way to gain access to medical cannabis in Australia legally. That is via the government approved access pathway otherwise known as the Special Access Scheme and this includes both CBD and THC infused products. 

The reason why the government created this scheme was to give patients access to drugs that are not approved by the TGA (therapeutic goods administration). Since there are no cannabis products listed on the TGA (aside from Epidolex – a synthetic (yuck!) cannabinoid mouth spray used to treat MS and costing $745AUD for one month supply) this scheme is the only way to gain access to medical marijuana in Australia. 

What's Up, Doc?

As the Doobie Brothers sang in 1989, "listen to the doctor, just like you ought to" – the best person to consult about medical cannabis is your doctor. They understand your medical history and should be your first discussion around any cannabis therapies for your treatment. 

Ask your doctor about CBD


Under Australian law, medicinal cannabis is only available via prescription from a doctor and dispersed from a licensed pharmacy. As it is mostly an unregistered medicine, the doctor must be authorised to prescribe at both the Federal (Therapeutic Goods Administration; TGA) and State/Territory level (unfortunately this differs between States/Territories).

Know What To Say

Always remember: you must be your own advocate. Your doctor may be unfamiliar with medical cannabis and the treatment options available and therefore hesitant to recommend it.

Many doctors are still unfamiliar with current research that supports medical cannabis as a treatment plan. Bring documentation, studies and any other information that you believe will support your case; it is essential to understand the facts yourself and advise your doctor why you think this is the best treatment option for you.

As a patient you are entitled to unbiased and professional medical advice. Patients regularly ask doctors about different treatment options and medicinal marijuana is no different. Some medical professionals may have a negative attitude towards medical cannabis so it is very important for you to be informed about medical cannabis and the benefits so you can receive your doctor's support. Many doctors who are open to alternative forms of medicine (such as herbal or Chinese medicine traditions) are unwilling to consider cannabis, and a majority of doctors report that governing bodies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries unofficially direct them to “always say no” to patients who ask about cannabis.

7 Steps To Medical Cannabis

  1. Make a list of medicines and treatments you have tried for your symptoms. Identify which worked and which didn't.
  2. Identify symptoms that you believe could be managed better with medical cannabis.
  3. Describe the symptoms in detail.
  4. Advise how you are planning on using medical cannabis (tincture, vaporisation.)
  5. If you are currently using cannabis, explain the amount you use and how often you use it.
  6.  Ask your doctor to recommend a dose and delivery method applicable to your treatment.
  7. Arrange your prescription and a referral to a GMP certified medical cannabis supplier.

Bring a secondary caregiver, family member or friend for support to make it easier if you are too nervous to bring the subject up. If your doctor is unable to assist you with access to medical cannabis, we can recommend a wide range of doctors that can assist in this area.

CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia

FAQs on CBD, Cannabis and Marijuana

Will CBD make me feel “high” or “stoned”?

No. This is because it contains no “psychoactive” element. Other parts of the cannabis plant do contain psychoactive elements, and this is what makes people feel “high” or “stoned”. CBD doesn’t. Learn more.

What happens if my doctor says no?

Many doctors are still unfamiliar with the current research that supports medical cannabis as a treatment plan. Bring documentation, studies and any other information that you believe will support your case; it is important to understand the facts yourself and advise your doctor why you think this is the best treatment option for you.

As a patient you are entitled to unbiased and professional medical advice. Patients regularly ask doctors about different treatment options and medical cannabis is no different. Some medical professionals may have a negative attitude towards medical cannabis so it is important for you to be informed about medical cannabis and the benefits so you can receive your doctor's support. If they do not approve you for access to medical cannabis, please consult another healthcare professional or contact our team via our contact form and we can recommend you a doctor.

I’ve heard of people buying CBD online, is this safe?

Yes, you can safely purchase any CBD product online. Like anything, there’s a big difference in quality based on who you buy from. Ensure you purchase from a reputable seller that has a number of genuine reviews and the online store can demonstrate third party testing on the product. This is important to ensure that the CBD contains the correct amount of cannabinoids, and also to safeguard against heavy metals and other substances being present. Like other natural substances, CBD can become tainted in the production process if it is poorly extracted. 

I don’t care about the law, I’m going to buy it online anyway. How do I ensure that I’m getting good quality CBD?

We don't recommend breaking the law, but we do recommend doing your research before making any important decision. When purchasing a CBD product it’s crucial to ensure you are receiving full plant extracts over synthetic cannabis or isolates. Every reputable source will always tell you where their CBD comes from and if it doesn’t say full plant extracts - we recommend not to buy. Full plant extracts ensure all terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids are left inside the product, which ensures that they all work together in a synergy which is commonly referred to as “the entourage effect”.

Can I drive whilst being treated with medicinal cannabis?

Patients should not drive or operate machinery while being treated with medicinal cannabis. In addition measurable concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the main psychoactive substance in cannabis) can be detected in urine many days after the last dose. It may take up to five days for 80 to 90 per cent of the dose to be excreted. Drug-driving is a criminal offence, and patients should discuss the implications for safe and legal driving with their doctor.

Does CBD show up in blood tests or roadside swab tests?

No. They only test for active THC, and there is not enough THC content in CBD oils for it to show positive. To be certain, make sure to ask your supplier about the percentage of THC in your CBD oil.


Have other questions? Just ask! We’re always here to answer, and we’re passionate about education.

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  • Jessica, I would highly recommend trying our Hemp Seed Oil – you’ll find it under “Products” above, where you can also see reviews from hundreds of other people with similar ailments. If this doesn’t help we offer a Money Back Guarantee, and we can also assist you with accessing medical cannabis – just email us with details of your condition and your best contact number.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Wendy, that sounds very painful. I would recommend trying our Hemp Seed Oil as it helps with many similar ailments. If you require something stronger, please email us with your best contact number and details of your condition and we’ll do all we can to help you access medical cannabis.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Brian, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife’s ongoing struggle. CBD oil and medicinal cannabis are two different things and it really depends on the severity of your wife’s conditions at this stage. Both CBD oil and medicinal cannabis must be prescribed in order to get be legally accessed. We have not lab tested the Charlotte’s Web CBD oil available in Australia so I cannot guarantee its quality, as there are a LOT of unscrupulous people selling dodgy CBD oil online that is not what it says it is (we’ve tested a variety of them). So before getting CBD oil online I would recommend discussing with her doctor. But please email us with further details of your wife’s current conditions and your best contact number and we’ll do all we can to provide information on how to access CBD oil and Medicinal cannabis in Australia.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Frank, so sorry to hear you have been living so many years with pain. The severity and exactly where your pain is can be important to know what type of medicinal cannabis you would need. To understand your situation more, please send us an email detailing your symptoms and your best contact number and we can discuss what may be the best for you.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Barbara, thank you for reaching out to us for help. If none of the stages presented in our article seems to work with your doctor we may need to help you in other ways. However, Psoriasis can be treated with good quality Hemp Seed Oil – you can find it under “Products” above and check out the reviews. If this doesn’t help, please send us an email with your best contact number and details of your condition we will assist you with finding a way to obtain a script.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Berni, sorry to hear about your current situation. I believe Hemp oil can potentially be a great solution for the time being to treat your symptoms. Just keep in mind that hemp oil is not as strong as CBD oil, but it still carries many of the same benefits. You can find our ‘Hemp Seed Oil’ on our website under ‘Products’ if you would like to give hemp seed oil a go.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Ange, your story is absolutely heartbreaking, I’m trying to keep the tears from my eyes reading what you’ve been through. What a hugely challenging life you’ve had, good on you for continuing to keep a positive mindset and trying to find ways through. We will do everything we can do help – please email us here with details of your condition and the best phone number to contact you on, and we’ll leave no stone unturned to get you the help you need:

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Claire, I believe CBD oil can act as a relief to your symptoms of pain as well as anxiety and depression. CBD oil is quite a process to obtain here in Australia. If you would like more help with getting your script we are happy to help, just send us and email with your preferred contact number and details of your condition(s) and we will try to help you with the process. It can take quite a while to gain access, and many people find that our Hemp Seed Oil (under “Products” above) helps with the ailments you describe – it’s 100% safe and legal, so take a look at the reviews on that page if you think this is something that may be of use.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Catherine, great to hear that you may have found a new alternative to treating your symptoms. A great place to start is with Hemp Seed Oil, which you can find under “Products” at the top of this page. As mentioned in the article, CBD oil is only available with prescriptions. If the steps in the article are not working out for you and your doctor, send us an email with your preferred contact number and details of your condition and we will help you with obtaining a script.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Pauline, so sorry to hear about your condition. Hemp seed oil can help treat inflammation known to be associated with UTIs. However, if the inflammation is quite severe for you then CBD oil may be the better option. We can offer help in obtaining your script, jut send us an email detailing your situation and what you have done so far, and please include your best contact number. If you would like to try out hemp seed oil first, we have ‘Hemp Seed Oil’ available under ‘Products’ – with a Money Back Guarantee as well.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Paul, terribly sorry to hear about your conditions and the challenges you’re facing. It is often hard to trust people in the world of today, including the government. We have found that medicinal cannabis can do wonders and if you are happy for us to help, please write an email with details of your condition and the best phone number to contact you on. Our medical team will then be in touch to see how we are able to help.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Hi there, just wondering if hemp oil or any other product in your range can help relieve the pain associated with damaged nerve endings. I’m 43 and have been in a horrible cycle where no topical ointment or cream is relieving my pain, this has been going on for 4 months and has reduced my quality of life. I also have anxiety and osteo-arthritis. I’ve heard great things about medical cannabis and eagerly await when it is legal in Australia. Appreciate your advice.

    Jessica on
  • Current X-ray shows no cartilage on right hip,also calcification,terrible pain especially at night.Very long waiting time for hip replacement

    Wendy Anderson on
  • Latest X-ray shows no cartilage on right hip,also calcification.very long wait for hip replacement and awful pain especially atbnight

    Wendy Anderson on
  • Gabriella, we absolutely would not recommend ordering CBD products from unknown sources online, especially YouTube, as there are a lot of people with ZERO medical knowledge out there selling all sorts of substances which tests show are not in fact CBD, and often not even made from cannabis but are rather synthetic chemicals. However, customs will most likely just confiscate this. If you do receive a visit from the police (which is probably not very likely), you’ll just have to explain your innocence. The fact that CBD is illegal in this country is the whole reason that innocent people like yourself are being pushed into breaking the law, even when you don’t realise that this is the case.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Dale, what a sad situation :(
    We can certainly help your hubby access medical marijuana, please go to the “Contact Us” page above and send us a message with details of his condition and the best phone number to contact you on, and our medical team will be in touch.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • My wife was diagnosed of stage 4 lung cancer nearly 2 yrs ago and given 6 months to live. She wa pulled out of treatment of oral chemo 5 months since diagnosis as it was not working anymore. We were left with nothing that made us research on alternative medicine. Shes started eating healthy and some protocols we saw online. Now shes out of pain and tumors shrank and now shes back to work. But she came to a point of getting sick with her diet that made her compramise. Latest CT scan showed tumors grew again and thats why im writing as i wanted to try medicinal cannabis for my wife. Is the Hemp full spectrum that you can get in the Charlottes website a good one? or where can i get one thats reliable and true?

    Brian on
  • Hi i have been in pain for 50 years living daily on potent pain killers. Need help.

    Frank Singh on
  • I have psoriasis on my scalp and under my finger nails i would like to try the oil to see if it can help me. I would appreciate your advice. My Doctor would not agree to this that is why i am asking you. Please advise where i can purchase. Cheers Bsrbara

    Barbara Kellalea on
  • Hi Dr Stapleton I suffer from severe anxiety as well as persistent back and legs pains, until I can get CBD here in Australia, would hemp oil give relief also.

    Berni on
  • Hi I have PTSD from living in abusive foster homes and am now deeply traumatised. I have anxiety attacks on a daily basis some small and controllable but most span up to 2 fats consecutivly until I can come back down into a state that is less manic but still cripplingly depressed. My quality of life is as bad as it has ever been. I flinch when I hear loud sounds and loud fast footsteps make me want to crawl under a bed and claw at my skin. I don’t want to live this way anymore, I don’t want to plead with myself to just end it and jump in front of a car. I have no social life and have isolated myself from all potential friendships. My boyfriend his PTSD himself and cannot always help me through my panic attacks as they stress him out, which makes me feel worthless as a result. It’s a putrid toxic cycle that I have tried to break through healthy eating, exercise, SSRI medications and seeing more than 4 different therapists continuously throughout the past 7 years. I have recently moved out of said abusive foster home and am 18 now. I have trouble finding affordable and accessible therapy so my mental health seriously gone to shit. The next session I can get is in nine days I have been waiting for a month. I would like to know more about the co cannabis option as it sounds like a chance at a better life. If someone could contact me that would be great as I can’t locate the email we have to use to get in touch.

    Ange on
  • Hi Doc, I’m really interested to find out about how I could get a prescriptions for CBD oil. I had a terrible back problem last year and it turns out I have degenerative arthritis in some of my spinal joints (im 35) that got aggravated and caused months of muscle spasms and intense pain. Several painful cortisone injections later and thousands spent on medical treatments and im still left in constant pain that is now getting worse due to the colder weather. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and really think CBD oil could make my standard of life much better. Do you think you can help?

    Claire on
  • Hi Doc,
    After reading thru all of the above info I do believe cannibis oil will be of great benefit to my symptons which are from menopause, rheumatiod arititis, pyroles, leaky gut, and when one has this many health issues there tends to be bouts of depression and many days away from work. I need help accessing the oil as I think it will be the easier one for me to digest.
    Please help with any info

    Catherine on
  • Hi,
    I’m very interested to use this product as I’ve heard a lot of good benefits from it. My problems are access and if it is suitable for my condition. I have lupus and had kidney transplant. I constantly get UTI and infections. Been in and out of hospital for 2 months now and I’ve just been bombarded with so much antibiotics.
    Asking for advice on what’s the next best thing I can get if medical cannabis is inaccessible. Thank you

    Pauline on
  • I have crohns. Deviculitis. Depression. Anxity. Osteoporosis. Sacroiliitis amongst other conditions.
    I went to Cannvalate and got TGA approval for CBD.
    2500 strenth 50 mil bottle cost well over $500. I am on a dsp and cant afford it.
    It is not a full spectrum and is very limited for reliefe.
    10 mil a day the bottle will last 5 days at a cost well over $100 a day for something that is not working.
    You talk about breaking the law but i think the real crimanals are gov and drug companies. I dont trust the black markets either. I am limited in options

    Paul on
  • Hello so I’m worried i ordered a hemp seed cbd smoke thing after watching a youtuber i watch trying them, i suffer from severe anxiety an eating disorder and insomnia so i thought it would help me anyway i thought cbd was legal in Victoria Australia but i thought i better double check and now i have seen this now I’m worried because it won’t let me cancel my order, i did email them and i already paid aswell. What do i do i don’t want to be in trouble with the police. ☹

    Gabriella Pignataro on
  • Hi my husband had an injury and has lost the use of his right shoulder and arm 9 years ago he is on constant pain. He suffered from cronic pain, depression , anxiety and now COPD.. He is on antidepressants.Lyrica, axit, lexapro
    and now liquid morphine. They have change his medication’s many times over the years but nothing seems to give him any relief or give him an appetite he is 61 yrs of age and only weighs 50kilos. I would like to try medical marijuana but am worried about the Thc content for driving as he needs to get to and from the doctors. Can you help Thanking you Dale.

    Dale j Phillips on
  • Gyan, thanks for the message. Unfortunately your complaint is a common one. Until the Govt gets with the program, people like yourself are still going to have to pay top dollar to get CBD on the black market or import illegally from abroad. However, if it’s for daily health maintenance, I would highly recommend giving our Hemp Seed Oil a go. People have been reporting fantastic results around general health, and it’s a fraction of the cost of pure CBD oil.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Hi Doc, I am a regular user of CBD for general health maintenance. Who is the best supplier that I can go to. The present supplier is very expensive and I am a pensioner. Thanks

    Gyan de Mel on
  • Laura, you clearly have a high level of knowledge and awareness. If we were living in a country with a sensible approach to this plant, you would be growing cannabis in your garden and getting the relief you deserve. Unfortunately our country isn’t there yet, and so you’ll need to go through official channels to get THC access, unless you want to access the black market – which we absolutely cannot recommend, as there are some really dodgy individuals out there. Please get in touch with us via email and include as much detail as possible on your condition, with the best number to contact you on, and we’ll be in touch.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Myles, we need to get you off those nasty pharmaceuticals and onto something that actually works and doesn’t just cause you more problems. Can you email us with details of your condition and the best number to call you on? Thanks.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Trish, please email us with details of your brothers condition and the best number to contact you on, we’ll do everything we can to help.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Baz, we can absolutely help with this. Many GPs are still decades behind, but our consultants are more clued-in. Send us an email with details of your condition and the best number to call you on and we’ll be in touhc.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Ben, it sounds like you’re already a pretty advanced user! Jokes aside, this is a common situation, and it’s imperative that we as a society start to allow for access to this wonderful plant. Some people really don’t like the psychoactive affects of smoking cannabis, so we would recommend that your wife takes the medical route before going the “underground route”. Please email us with details of your wife’s condition and the best phone number to contact either you or her, and we’ll do all we can to help.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Kevin, we would never recommend breaking the law. Instead, please email us with details of your condition and the best contact number to reach you on and we’ll be in touch to try and help.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Dylan, absolutely. Get in touch with your best contact number and details of your condition and we’ll help you.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Sarah, that’s brilliant about your friends! Unfortunately, you would put yourself at risk of a visit from the boys in blue if you ordered CBD products from overseas, as they’re not legal here without a prescription. :(

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Vidja, it is legal with a prescription, but a prescription is difficult to get. Please email us with details of your condition and a contact number and we’ll do all we can to help you.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Bobby, that’s a tricky situation. Please email us and we will advise as best we can.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Kylie, so sorry to hear about this, I can’t begin to imagine the stress you’ve been going to. Please email us with these details and a contact number and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Francois, what an awful situation – you must be at your wits end. Please email us with a contact number and we’ll do everything we can to help.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • I’ve a number of chronic disabling pain conditions which I’m currently on prescribed opioids for under the care of a Pain Clinic but I want to try medical cannabis. However, I’ve tried CBD oil and tinctires – from a variety of sources including overseas from reputable companies such as those used by Americans under the program who don’t use anything with THC/THCa in them, and it did not help with the pain and also typically those selling it in Australia charge ridiculously inflated prices such as $200 or more for a 30ml bottle for 1 month! I’m on a DSP and need the PBS.
    My conditions will not respond to CBD oil alone but to oil and/or tinctures etc with THC as well to help with the pain and other issues. So, please let me know what you’re aware of regarding THC being in the medical cannabis products which are either legal through the program in Australia or if they’re not and one has to grow one’s own seeds and make oils (like the Rick Simpson Oil) from scratch at home privately – and risking police visitation and conviction! Thank you.

    Laura on
  • Can you help? Do know how get access in nsw? Started having seizures due to brain growths and trying the anti convulsants meds but there messing with my gut


    Myles on
  • Hi, I would like to know where I can purchase cannibas oil for my brother who has been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma ( bile duct cancer) he’s in a lot of pain and has no appetite currently undergoing chemo and immunotherapy treatments . Please advise thanks .

    TRish on
  • Hi,
    Please can you help me in getting CBD Hemp Oil. I have facial paralysis (bells palsy) and also suffer from body wide twitches and cramps. The neurologists are clueless about my body wide twitches and I have been told by a herbalist that CBD Hemp oil will be able to help. My gp is unaware of this. Please can you help me in finding a doctor who can prescribe this for me. I am based in Western Sydney.

    Baz on
  • My wife is currently having treatment for lymphoma and also suffers from depression and anxiety, her mind is constantly running at 100 miles an hour, we’ve heard great things about this product. I myself went through cancer treatment many years ago as well as a bi-lateral hip replacement and L5S1 diskectomy and I smoked cannabis through each episode and it helped me greatly in all aspects in fact my Dr told me 10 yrs ago when I was doing my treatment I was better off smoking than taking all the pills so what does that say ! Anyway I want to know where I can purchase this for my wife to try, and also myself I currently has no cartlige in my right knee and I am on my feet for 16hrs a day at work so you could imagine the discomfort and pain I get. Is this possible to purchase ?

    Ben Pizzingrilli on
  • This is a wonderful, informative post! I have often been questioned about whether hemp products I use such as hemp seed oil and hemp milk are safe and how they relate to the marijuana plant. I never knew the answer to these questions except to say that they are a different part of the plant that doesn’t contain THC. No I truly understand the difference! Thank you

    Jim Dunham on
  • Hi, I have multiple sclerosis and as a consequence of that I have severe spasticity and trigeminal neuralgia.
    I would love to try CBD oil but I have limited $$ and don’t want to get involved in anything illegal. I’m located in Melbourne. Any ideas?

    Kevin on
  • I’ve only 29 and have spinal stenosis and I deal with constant back pain while working in a physical job full time. Pain killers don’t do much at all. Can you recommend a doctor in Brisbane to talk to about potentially using cbd oil? Thanks

    Dylan on
  • Hi.. i have friends in colorado who have gone from a home business growing, culivating and extracting cbd oil and creating all sorts of products, soaps, honey, tinctures, creams etc etc etc, they are now fully established and working in a shopfront, its been amzing to watch them grow (literally).. my question.. is it safe to order from her store and have them shipped to here? Any advice welcome..

    Sarah on
  • Hi
    i am struggling with BPD and anxiety. Is CBD oil legal in Australia and do docs prescribe it? what should i do about it

    Vidya Vijayam on
  • Can someone point me in the right direction to inquire about accessing medical CBD oil in Australia when I travel there? I’d rather not risk traveling with it even though I have a prescription… thanks.

    Bobby on
  • hi my name is kylie ive had epelepsy since i was 18 i got it due to a servere blow to the head ive been on about 20 diffrent medications and so far im on 3 diffrent medications but im haveing at least 6 to 10 seizuers a week ive heard alot about canabis oil im a little nervous about it but im willing to give it a go please put my mind at ease and reasure me everything will be ok, thank you for your help and support from kylie

    kylie Delbridge on
  • Hi, my daughter age 15 suffers severe migraines; she can’t live a normal teenage girls’ life due to this. She misses school every week and spends days in her bed feeling miserable and in chronic pain…We’ve tried every doctor, specialist, blood tests and every medication you can think of! We are desperate and can’t bare our bubbly, young daughter suffering like this; this has been going on for two years now and she can’t even remember when last she did not have a headache. Please, could you help us getting hold of CBD – she desperately needs this!
    Thank you

    Francois on
  • Arthur, we absolutely can help with that – send us an email with your details and best contact number and we’ll be in touch.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Scott, this is a common story and one that we hear all too often. The good news is that it’s currently possible to access cannabis in Australia (when you can find a good doctor, which we’re happy to help you with), but the bad news is that our ridiculous current laws mean that it can be quite expensive. Please email us with as much detail as possible and the best phone number to contact you on and we’ll have our medical team get in touch.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Jack, we can help you with this – email us.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Julianne, that’s a big question, and too in-depth to answer in a blog comment. It’s generally excellent for inflammation-related conditions, and we will be writing more in-depth blogs about specific indications in future, but for now could you email us with further detail (specific medications and symptoms) and we can get deeper into it? Thanks!

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • I have athritis in my shoulders hip and neck due to injuries still working full time and tryed every pain medication for 5years plus thats not working. I am now 53 of age and would like to try CBD oil would you able to reccomend me a doctor to prescribe me this medication . Brisbane Qld. Thanks..

    Arthur Hepi Tehuia on
  • Hi guys, thanks for all the useful information. I was diagnosed at 17 with a sever cronic form of arthritis and have been struggling through life ever since. (I am now 34) i get prescribed lots of medecine with horrible side effects such as opoids and steroids and i know for a fact that medicinal canabis would be able to replace many of these horrible medecines im on. Am i able to be proscribed medical canabis with THC to treat my condition and if so how do you sujjest i go about getting it from my doctor and is it on the pbs? I.E will it cost me alot of money as i am on the pencion and cant afford to be paying too much money for a prescription. Thank you.

    Scott on
  • Hi,I looking for cannabis doctors to help me supply relevant information how I should use cannabis for certain diseases. Thanks

    Jack Amero on
  • Leon, many people with autism have had life-changing positive experiences with cannabis medications, including CBD. We cannot say what’s true and what isn’t without seeing the material you’ve read, but if it’s fro ma reputable source and references evidence from clinical trials, we’re all ears. Please send us an email and we’ll try and help you get access tot he medicine your children need.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Jacqueline, we will definitely be releasing a cream in the future – it’s already been developed together with our overseas partners. However, Australia’s antiquated and frankly ridiculous laws mean that people like yourself are unable to access it, as it’s not currently legal here. Our Hemp Seed Oil only contains CBD within the legal limit, which is very low – much lower than what you’re looking for. Please email us and we’ll help you find a doctor willing to write a prescription.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • June, we cannot currently sell pure CBD or THC oil (which is best for pain relief) as it’s illegal in Australia. We can however sell Hemp Seed Oil, which many studies have shown helps with inflammation and arthritis. You can find out more here:

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Lisa, what an absolutely awful situation, it makes us so mad to hear about stories like yours. We receive stories like this on a daily basis and it breaks my heart that you can’t get the safe legal medicine which you require, simply because politician prefer to line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. It’s a disgrace. Please email us and we’ll do everything we can to help you access legal CBD. In the meantime, we would recommend Hemp Seed Oil as it has fantastic benefits for liver to help you cope with all that nasty medication, and many other benefits besides.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • How well does cannaboid work for chronic inflammation and is it contraindicative with SSRI anti depressants

    Julianne Elliott on
  • I have 2 Children with autism, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about CBD is it true??

    Leon on
  • Hi
    I have arthritis and searching for a local supplier. I read that 1500 to 2000mg is a therapeutic level for arthritic concerns. Is your oil for humans this strength? Do you think in time a cream will be developed by your company?
    With thanks

    Jacqueline O'Shea on
  • What is the cost plus postage in Australia,
    Where can I order it online, I have chronic Rheumatoid arthritis and am hoping it will help with the pain.
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    June Sweeting-cibau.

    June on
  • I have a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia also known as the suicide disease I have had this for about 8 years now, I have already had 1 brain surgery 2 yrs ago which failed, i have now been told the damage is permanent & no amount of surgeries will fix it instead I’m resorted to being on a cocktail of medications that turn me into a complete zombie with no quality of life 1 Neurologist has told me the meds will kill you as they break down your body’s organs. I’m now looking into other ways to control pain and cbd is one of them. Trigeminal Neuralgia is the 5th cranial nerve that is compressed and sends of excruciating pain and electric shocks it hurts bad.

    Lisa on
  • Hi Bet, we would recommend this product for your dog, it’s having incredible benefits for dogs suffering from anxiety, as you can see from the reviewS:

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • Hi Gaby, what an awful situation! We’ve had a lot of reports of this product working on seizures and spasms – take a look at the reviews to help decide whether it could be a good option:

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • I have a dog who suffers from chronic anxiety and would like to purchase some CBD. Oil for her. Is this possible?
    Thank you.

    Bet JOZSEF on
  • I have a dog who suffers from chronic anxiety and would like to purchase some CBD. Oil for her. Is this possible?
    Thank you.

    Bet JOZSEF on
  • Our Frenchie was bitten multiple times by a Tiger snake,was resuscitated,received 7 vials of antivenin and had 2 plasma infusions,she survived but is now having seizures and continual spasms.Shes on Phenobarb and Keppra but they’re not subsiding,do you think your CBD would help?

    Gaby on
  • Hi Nadine, there are many cannabis companies in the medical space at the moment, we would recommend this one:

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • i have been receiving mails as i have a subscription with a publishing company inform me with the latest in the CBD medicinal cannabis i am both interested in trading from of shore stocks as well as waiting for the reduction by another cannabis company pop up in Australia anxiously my interest as a Heart patient,also suffering with otiose arthritis,can you please inform me the best company who is trading for the medicinal above mentioned thanks.

    Nadine on
  • Hi Janet, have you and your husband spoken with his doctor? You have every right to access medical cannabis, so please do email us if you’re not having success with your own doctor.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • i would like to purchase medical cannabis for my husband im here in western australia my husband suffers from cancer and chronic pain pls help me to get madical cannabis

    janet arangel on
  • Hi Stuart, you wouldn’t believe how many people we have come to us with similar stories. The legal situation here is an absolute disgrace and plays directly into the hands of scam-artists and rip-off merchants. Meanwhile, innocent people like yourself are left suffering from an easily treatable ailment. We’re desperately in need of a change.

    Dr David Stapleton on
  • I’ve tried to buy CBD products from Australia and they either have a site that tells you to “don’t close the browser as your order is being processed” and last time I left it going in such a fashion was for 2 days and it never went any further. The other site I went to looked as though it took my order but it went back to what looked like it was asking for payment again with no idea if my payment had gone through or not. Can’t trust sites like Charlotte’s Web as in the US before they shut Aussies ordering from their site in the US I paid $65 for a bottle of Chocolate Mint CBD oil and $35 postage, yes, that is dear, but the Aussie site was around $200 for the same bottle and then the postage on top. Inflated prices are a rip off as they expect those of us who are in absolute agony with Osteo Arthritis and other ailment to empty our bank accounts for a one month supply of 30Ml of oil. Aussies are being ripped off for sure, at least in the US they can get their supplies at reasonable prices.

    Stuart Walsh on

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