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Is Hemp Seed Oil Safe for Children

New superfoods are continually being introduced, from goji berries to acai berries and kale. In a time where many products include high levels of sodium, saturated fats and preservatives, there is no doubt giving your child pure nutrients is essential! Hemp seed oil is starting to become a new craze which is here to stay, not just a fad. Let's explore the hype of hemp seed oil for children. 

Adults vs. Children 

Hemp seed oil has become popular amongst adults, and its significant effects have seen parents wanting to give their children hemp seed oil as well. However, are their bodies as equipped as adults to consume it?


Hemp seed oil is an excellent source of essential daily dietary nutrients and is safe for children. The oil is derived from hemp seeds that contain less than 0.5% of THC, a psychoactive compound. The only difference is that dosage may vary as children have an overall lower need for dietary nutrients which should not be overdone. So, there is no need to worry about finding hemp seed oil suitable for kids as it can be universally ingested by children, adults and also elders, even if the oil is 100% raw. What only differs is the amount which a child can ingest compared to an adult.


Why should you give your kid hemp seed oil in the first place? 

Hemp seed oil is one of the most nutritious plant-based foods around. Many are feeding their children with this beautiful oil due to be a vital source of essential fatty acids which include Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, that are important for children in developing their visual and cognitive abilities. Hemp seed oil is also considered to have high levels of fibres, which can help children improve their digestive system and relieve and prevent constipation.

The oil has also been used successfully to relieve baby eczema. Hemp seed oil has in cases been used as a natural pain relief for inflammation. For the teens out there with an increase of hormonal acne common with puberty, hemp seed oil can help prevent inflammation, which leads to acne by balancing the skin.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of giving your child hemp seed oil is the same as any healthy food; they do not seem to eat it like cake or cookies. However, there is an abundance of ways to incorporate hemp seed oil into everyday cooking to help ease mealtimes and make them more fun for you and your child. It can be mixed into pancake batter or with porridge, blended into a sweet berry smoothie, made for a great salad dressing or add it to your favourite burger patty to give it an extra boost of flavour. The sky is the limit, but if your child is still refusing, opt to use hemp flour when baking or give your child a warm glass of hemp milk before bed and let the hemp work its magic.

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Does it lead to future abuse?

Hemp seed oil will not lead to any long-term abuse and is not a gate-way drug. The oil contains barely any psychoactive compound, and only provides an abundance of nutrition for your baby, toddler or teen. Since all the seeds are the same, you don't need to worry about any "hidden" addictive compounds, the only differences between hemp seed oils will be how concentrated various nutrients will be. It's essential to take notice of the nutrition facts label when purchasing hemp seed oil, as you don't want any nasties or allergies to occur that may compromise your child's health. Therefore, 100% raw hemp seed oil products are the best option and are made readily available on our website to make your hemp journey worry-free.

The recommended dosage for children 

If you're starting with feeding your child hemp seed oil, it is recommended to start small and be gradual. Every person is different and reacts differently to foods, but it should not exceed three tablespoons as the nutritional level of that is more than required for a school-aged child.


Care to give hemp seed oil a try for your child? Please have a look at our product page to explore the 100% Raw Hemp Seed Oil, a perfect start for you and your child's hemp journey. For those who would like to experiment, we have a 100% Raw Hemp Flour and Hemp Protein to bring your baking skills to a new high. 

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