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Old Fashioned Jilungin Twist

Old Fashioned Jilungin Twist

An Old Fashioned will remain an all-time classic, but tastebuds are there to experience. This twist continues to bear the simplicity yet rich flavours of an Old Fashioned achieved with The Jilungin's complex characters. A unique final touch is The Kumquat syrup, it's citrusy aroma intensifies the bitters without disrupting the balance of the cocktail.


45ml Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin
10ml Trentino Amaro
10ml Salted Kumquat syrup
1 Dash of Angostura Aromatic Bitters


Pour all the ingredients in your favourite rocks glass. Add ice and stir until you reach the desired dilution. Garnish with a classic orange peel or create your very own.