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World's First AI Created Hemp Artwork

Limited Edition Artwork Designed Purely From AI

The Forest Weed limited edition artwork was created by the incredibly talented Tom White using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and computer algorithms. Tom allowed the machine to develop its own unique and creative interpretation of hemp-based on a collection of over 1000 photos of the plant.

This exclusive Australian artwork series is the first of its kind in the world. It identifies how computers imagine hemp, AI has become a new gateway for the expression of art and now, our love of the beautiful hemp plant.

Only a finite number of paintings have been made, 60 small canvases in total, each in a limited edition series of 20. For the serious collector, there are four large stretched hemp canvases, and every painting is adorned with an original sample of the computer-generated hemp abstractions. Yet, each piece is as exceptional as the next, created on 100% pure hemp paper using non-toxic and eco-friendly inks, sourced from the best Aussies around. The colour palette in each painting is custom blended to achieve the brilliance of the AI hemp representation. The artwork series explores a new world of reality that allows us to view what computers perceive comparable to humans.

These paintings are an expression of the new era in which the world is heading, and it started here in Australia.

The limited-edition artwork will not be restocked upon being sold out.

The Artist

Tom White began his days as an artist in the classrooms of MIT majoring in Graphic Design and Computer Sciences. His artistic interests lie in visual abstraction created with and recognised by computer vision systems, simply put: How machines see the world.

His fascination stems from his fondness of finding creative uses of computing, but also discovering how computers interpret our world in the absence of human intervention. The Forest Weed artwork's composition of line and colour is carefully selected by neural networks identifying the most relevant representation of hemp, a first of its kind.

The art project was a 3 months process Tom undertook with AI algorithms that were also cross verified with Google's recognition systems. Each painting is composed of four layers of ink to achieve their own distinct palette with unique hand-mixed ink.

If Tom’s amazing work inspires you as much as us, have a look at his other work here.


The hemp artwork series is entirely made from products sourced from Australian businesses. The inks are water-based from Permaset, an Australian premium eco-friendly supplier of safe-for-drain inks that avoids toxic substances such as ozone-depleting chemicals: CFC's and HCFC's, aromatic hydrocarbons or any volatile solvents. The water-based inks do not contain PVC and phthalates, which are dangerous to the environment and are proven to cause medical issues. The canvas and paper stock is supplied from Hemp Gallery Australia, a sustainability-focused business of ethically sourced, organic and hemp-based products. The mother-daughter duo behind the company are firm believers in an environmentally sustainable future that starts with hemp, and we couldn't agree more. The material used to create the artworks are made from 100% hemp.

Shipping Details

The artworks will be sent flat-packed and unframed with free delivery across Australia. Due to the canvas being made from 100% hemp, the material is very brittle and should be handled with care.

There are two sizes available:

Small - 297 x 420mm (A3)

Large - 594 x 841mm (A1)

Note that these are approximate sizes, as the paper prints have a ragged edge due to the material.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it looks amazing

One of my favourite pieces this is a standout piece if you can afford it. Everyone always comments on it when they walk past the artwork. Got a nice frame to present it in which brings the colours out. Couldn't be happier