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100% Australian Grown & Made Organic Hemp Products


Milly - Health Support for Senior Dogs

100% Raw, Cold-Pressed Australian Hemp Seed Oil and Turmeric.

As dogs age, they tend to become less mobile due to arthritis, digestive issues, weight gain, deteriorating immune system, heart and lung function. Ageing pets are fragile and need extra support to help them find their zest for life. The good news is BUDDYPET Milly can help!

BUDDYPET Milly naturally supports and cares for senior dogs in their golden years. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement that can help improve mobility, recovery and general wellbeing.

BUDDYPET Milly Health Benefits:

  • Assist with symptomatic relief of pain associated with inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Assist with managing digestive health to help ease digestive disorders
  • Help manage stress and anxiety symptoms
  • Support heart, brain and lung function

How to Use

BUDDYPET Milly is safe and should be taken in the recommended dose for your pet’s size. Add directly to food once a day. Or, if your pet prefers, have them lick it straight off a spoon.

Once daily:

Small animals (under 10kg) = 1/4 dropper.

Medium animals (10-25kg) = 1/2 dropper.

Large animals (25kg+) = 1 dropper.


Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Absolutely great product

I love this for my GSD - Akira is 11 years old and has diagnosed anxiety from a pup. Within 1 week of starting on the Lola mix the results could be seen - she started sleeping properly and deeply, coat felt and looked like diamonds. A month after starting Lola and my 11yo GSD was bouncing around like a puppy - flexibility in hips increased well enough for her to start getting back up on the couch for cuddles! Also noticed a visable reduction in yeast buildup in ears (common issue in breed). I've given samples to a friend for weimaraner dogs and a 16 year old cat and both are reporting happier and healthier pets! Thanks so much for making this great product!

Lola Flax and Hemp Seed Oil

Settles down my Belgian Shepherd when he gets anxious during Thunderstorms or has separation anxiety. Just one dropper full before I leave home and no more howling or stress. I come home to a rested and happy dog!


Lola is perfect for my 15 year old Maltese X Poodle. It has helped him tremendously with his back pain and anxiety. Highly recommend it.

Lauren Jacka
Lola flax and hemp oil

My border collie was a rescue and anxiety was really bad for him, it's calmed him down tremendously thank you!!

Lesley Skellly
Harmony Rose

Got this for my friends little old dog, who was struggling to get up. She has not looked back, does her little tap dance again at dinner time, and is such a changed little girl. My friend is sold! (I don't think she quite believed me, until she saw the results!)