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High Seas Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength Terpene-infused Hemp Gin

From day zero, we knew that Navy Strength gin would really allow our hemp to shine. 116 proof alcohol is the perfect vehicle for the plant’s earthy vitality, providing a robust chassis to carry its heavy load of citrus spice.

On the nose you'll experience tropical immersion, reminiscent of that point where the beach meets the jungle on a remote coastline of the Coral Sea. Fresh tones of grapefruit blend with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, beckoning you into the canopy. On first sip, a heady dose of spice meets strong notes of citrus lime, balanced by fragrant rosemary, blossoming into a long dry finish through the complex interaction between earthy lows and floral highs.

Combining 13 exotic botanicals with β-caryophyllene (one of the most beneficial terpenes in cannabis), has enabled us to distil an exceptionally easy-drinking spirit. Add a slice of fresh cut lime and a splash of tonic to make this gin sing; you’ll ask yourself, how can a 58% strength gin be so smooth? The answer is simple: hemp provides.

One bottle contains 700ml of gin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Great gin!

I love this gin. Nice and smooth to drink and gives me a great sleep if I have it at night. Great gin to add to any collection!

The Best Gin Ever!!!!

This is the best Gin I have ever had and will continue to go back to this one!!! This gin needs to be in all restaurants and bars as it’s the most soothing, smoothest gin! I pair mine with Lunae Sparkling usually the lavender one and it’s just the perfect combination!!

Southerly Buster

This is an awesome Gin - very strong flavour, but smooth. You don't need much to get a great tasting drink - having said that - the bottle was empty very quickly - A family favourite.

Packs a punch !!

I took a naughty sip out of the bottle when this gin arrived, and it nearly blew my head off !! HOWEVER, when I mixed it in the proper manner, DELICIOUS, fabulous flavour and now my favorite.

Very nice

I love it, strong and fresh taste, makes me relaxed and pain is disappearing.