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Day Adaptogenic Blend | Maca & Medicinal Mushrooms with Kakadu Plum

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Introducing the Day Adaptogenic Blend - you're new go-to for staying focused, sharp, and in the flow. This delicious coffee alternative is infused with adaptogenic Lion's Mane and Tremella mushrooms, Australian Native Kakadu Plum, and other high-quality, all-natural, and organic ingredients.

Lion's Mane boosts cognitive function, memory, and mood, while antioxidant-rich Tremella rejuvenates the brain, hydrates skin, and replenishes energy. Wild Harvested Australian Native Kakadu Plum is a top antioxidant source with unrivaled natural Vitamin C levels. Organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Bean adds a sweet, smooth flavor with velvety after-tones. Organic Peruvian Lucuma, with a sweet butterscotch taste, is packed with antioxidants, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, protein, and calcium.

Product Information

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What it Does

Lion's Mane is known for its cognitive-enhancing properties that support mental performance, memory, and mood, while Tremella is packed with antioxidants that invigorate the brain, enhance skin hydration, and replenish vital energy.

How to Use It

To enjoy your new daytime ritual, simply stir or blend two heaped teaspoons of the Day Adaptogenic Blend into 200ml of hot milk of your choice, such as coconut milk, for an instant vanilla maca latte. You can also add it to smoothies, shakes, or treats for an extra boost.

More Information

This 120g pack contains 15 servings of the smooth Peruvian Maca and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Bean blend, which is free of any added grain, starch, mycelium, or fillers. It's also vegan and has no added sugar.


Organic Peruvian Maca powder

Organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) fruiting body 10:1 extract powder

Organic Tremella (Tremella Fuciformis) fruiting body 8:1 extract powder

Australian Native Kakadu Plum powder

Organic Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Organic Peruvian Lucuma powder.

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Will it make me high?

A: Absolutely not. The naturally occurring chemical in hemp which causes people and animals to get “high” is called THC. Our hemp flour product contains less than 0.00001% THC, meaning you would never feel any effect.  Learn more about the difference between hemp which gets you high and hemp which makes you healthy.

Can I apply it externally to skin, fur and coat, or should it only be added to food?

A: No it's for internal use only!

Is it suitable for all animals too?

A: No, please try the BUDDYPET range which is vet formulated specifically for animals. 

Everything sounds great, but you’re just trying to sell me things. Do you have any proof that this works?

A: Explore our happy customer's feedback below, and once you see the magic of our hemp seed oil for your pets, share your tale and fetch a surprise!

Customer Reviews

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Day Adaptogen Blend

I found that the taste of this product a little unusual so, I reduced to half my saving size and am working my way back up to the full serve size. Otherwise good.