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Unleash the rejuvenating power of nature with Fresh And Free by Life Cykel—a refreshing blend of Lemon Myrtle, Native River Mint, Lion's Mane, and Chaga that weaves a delicious, healthful symphony in every drop. Designed to energize your daily routine, this extract offers a unique fusion of traditional bush foods and functional mushrooms, both revered for their significant health benefits. Each bottle is a promise of purity, potency, and the healing magic of nature.

Our premium, glycerin-based extracts boast a robust profile of organic ingredients and are absolutely alcohol-free. Sustainably harvested and meticulously processed, we ensure that each ingredient retains its full-spectrum nutrients, providing you with a potent vitality booster. With a burst of fresh lemon and mint notes, this extract is more than just a supplement—it's a culinary delight, infusing sweet, tantalizing flavors into any recipe it touches.

The star players in this blend are the Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms. Lion's Mane, scientifically known as Hericium coralloides, is celebrated for its neuroprotective effects, enhancing mental clarity and supporting the overall nervous system health. Meanwhile, the Chaga mushroom, also known as Inonotus obliquus, acts as a powerhouse of bioactive compounds like inotodiol and betulin, bolstering your body's defenses and promoting overall wellbeing.

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What it Does:

Beyond its refreshing taste, Fresh And Free by Life Cykel serves as a daily booster for your physical and cognitive functions. The potent Lion's Mane mushroom in the extract promotes neurogenesis, enhancing mental clarity and focus. It also aids in maintaining a healthy nervous system function, promoting a sense of balance and calm.

On the other hand, Chaga mushroom, a traditional health-supportive ingredient, provides your system with an array of bioactive compounds. These components actively combat oxidative stress, fortify the immune system, and support your body's natural defenses.

Meanwhile, the harmonious blend of Lemon Myrtle and Native River Mint provides a refreshing burst of flavor while promoting digestive health and boosting immunity.

More Information:

Fresh And Free by Life Cykel is not only a burst of taste but also a wellness catalyst. Each bottle encapsulates the potent health benefits of bush foods and functional mushrooms, fostering a harmony of revitalizing qualities. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and bioactive compounds, the extract supports holistic health.

The alcohol-free, glycerin-based formulation ensures a smooth, pleasurable experience every time you incorporate it into your diet. Free from any artificial preservatives, you can rest assured that you're consuming nothing but nature's best.

How to Use It:

To reap the maximum benefits of Fresh And Free by Life Cykel, add approximately 2 ml (half a dropper full) to your drinks or recipes. Whether it's a healthy smoothie, a soothing cup of tea, or a delightful cocktail, our extract brings a refreshing twist while activating your wellness.


Fresh And Free by Life Cykel boasts an expertly blended formula, uniting Glycerin and Water with cognitive-enhancing Lion's Mane Mushroom, antioxidant-rich Wild Harvested Chaga, refreshing Lemon Myrtle, and invigorating Native River Mint. To preserve their potency, we've added natural preservatives 221, 201, and Citric Acid, the latter also improving the absorption of beneficial compounds. The ingredients embody our commitment to deliver an organic, high-quality product that elevates your daily wellness experience.

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What makes Fresh And Free by Life Cykel unique?

Fresh And Free by Life Cykel combines potent functional mushrooms like Lion's Mane and Chaga with native Australian bush foods, Lemon Myrtle, and Native River Mint, creating a unique blend that's both delicious and beneficial.

How can I incorporate Fresh And Free into my daily routine?

Our extract can be added to your favourite recipes, from smoothie bowls, porridge, chia pudding to baked goods, juices, cocktails, and mocktails. Half a dropper full (approximately 1ml) is the recommended serving size.

How does Fresh And Free enhance my cognitive functions?

The Lion's Mane mushroom in our blend is known for its neuroprotective effects. It supports neuronal growth and enhances mental clarity and focus.

Does Fresh And Free contain any artificial preservatives?

No, Fresh And Free is formulated with natural preservatives to ensure its potency and freshness. It's alcohol-free and based on glycerin, providing a healthier alternative.

What are the antioxidant sources in Fresh And Free?

The Chaga mushroom and Lemon Myrtle in our blend are rich in antioxidants. They combat oxidative stress, supporting overall well-being and boosting immunity.

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