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Hemp Gin

Dive into our captivating hemp gin collection, praised for its rave reviews and numerous accolades. Each meticulously crafted gin incorporates terpenes, highlighting the astonishing science behind these alluring compounds.
Savour the potent Navy Strength Terpene-Infused Hemp Gin, exhibiting hemp's earthy vigour with its 116-proof alcohol foundation. Experience tropical infusion, citrus spice, and a multifaceted equilibrium of earthy and fruity notes, making this gin extraordinary.

Discover the invigorating fusion of Australian native botanicals and hemp terpene Limonene, honouring Australia's breathtaking scenery. The fragrance boasts jilungin, wild lemongrass, finger lime, and cinnamon myrtle; all skillfully merged with juniper and coriander for a timeless gin adventure.

Delight in The Myrcene a flawless blend of earthy and fruity subtleties, embodying the quintessential fusion of tradition and innovation. Bubblegum aromas combine with lavender, pine forest, and sage, while delicate hints of violet interweave with forest flavours of rosemary, resin, cloves, and woody spices. Paired with a premium tonic, The Myrcene delivers a matchless tasting experience.

Our hemp gin collection celebrates the science of terpenes, like Limonene and Myrcene, which showcase promising research in areas such as chronic pain and inflammation alleviation. Although our gins are not intended for medicinal use, their distinctive flavour profiles and terpene-infused nature make them exceptional spirits that tantalize the senses. Set sail on a memorable flavour journey with our hemp gin collection!

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