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Earth Harbour Naturals

Embrace a skincare revolution with Glowing Skin from Earth Harbour Naturals, where purity meets efficacy. We offer purely natural, ethical skincare with results driven by the harmonious blend of ocean nutrients and earth's botanicals. As the only self-care company founded by a toxicologist and herbalist, our commitment extends beyond surface-level beauty.


MADE WITH: Purely natural and non-toxic ingredients, certified cruelty-free practices, vegan and ethical trade principles, and scientifically proven botanicals. Every element, from food-grade plant oils to recyclable packaging with reclaimed ocean plastic, reflects our dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Artisan small batches infused with love and island vibes ensure our products are as unique as they are effective.


MADE WITHOUT: Synthetic ingredients, GMOs, gluten, soy, toxins, fillers, and over 2,700 questionable chemicals in the beauty industry. We abide by the highest standards, avoiding substances banned in the EU, and ensuring that our products are free from parabens, sulfates, and petroleum.


Our commitment to quality resonates in every drop of our ocean and earth-inspired formulations, promising powerful results with the purity you deserve. Experience beauty that's plant-based, planet-positive, and powerful. Glowing Skin from Earth Harbour Naturals invites you to dive into a world where nature's integrity is the essence of beauty.

Earth Harbor Naturals Superfood Elixir: Hemp Seed + Sea Greens $70.00