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Transdermal Patches - What Are They?

Transdermal patches are thin strips of medical grade plastic with an adhesive backing that is infused with the active ingredient, in this case cannabis and CBD. The patches work best on areas of skin without hair and generally activated by body heat. This allows the active ingredients inside the adhesive to be released into your bloodstream.


What is The History of Transdermal Patches?


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Pharmaceutical companies have used transdermal technology for many years to provide patients with a safe and controlled delivery method. The first exploration of transdermal technology can be traced back to Ancient China (around 2000 BC), containing herbal drugs dispersed into a natural, adhesive gum rubber applied to the ‘plaster’ of paper or fabric. 

Still to this day, pharma companies provide many patches ranging from heavy painkillers such as Fentanyl to vitamin B12 to help patients with a range of conditions. 

After a brief period in the 19th Century of non-belief in transdermal technology, scientists gained a new interest in the subject, after evidence of the skin’s permeability surfaced through claims of poisoning from dyes and chemicals in clothing around the early 1900s. In the beginning of the 20th century, studies began, demonstrating chemical absorption after topical application - measuring drug levels in blood and excretory fluids. 

In the 70s, scientists started developing the part of this technology that we love the most - a ‘rate-controlling membrane’ that would control the rate of transdermal delivery from bandage to the skin. This is what gives today’s transdermal patches their long-lasting, slow release effects. 

The most common patch you would recognise is the nicotine patch, in the 90's pharmaceutical companies sold millions of these as a way to reduce the amount of nicotine that is consumed. The earliest use of nicotine patches is said to be as early as the time of Paracelsus (14th Century). By using transdermal technology it allows the patient to receive a targeted dose of nicotine over a prolonged period, this helped patients that were struggling with nicotine addiction to get nicotine without the harsh chemicals passed when smoking a cigarette. 


Cannabis and Transdermal Patches

Cannabis and in particular CBD has been utilised for some years in more advanced cannabis markets like North America with fantastic results. Companies such as Mary Medicinals have been paving the way for CBD and cannabis-infused patches to help patients reduce symptoms and manage pain across all walks of life. Technology is slowly becoming available to smaller companies, not just big pharmaceuticals. We are noticing much innovation in the space, especially when it comes to cannabis and cannabis-infused products. 


How Do Transdermal Patches Work?


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Effectively all transdermal patches work a similar way regardless of the active ingredient in the patch. Applying a transdermal CBD patch onto your skin activates the patch via heat from your body. The active ingredients on the patch are in high concentrations. For example, a CBD patch when applied to the skin will spread out the CBD, and that will reach your epidermis (skin layer) and then travel through this into your bloodstream. This is a reliable way to receive your CBD or other cannabinoids as they are slow-released into your bloodstream over some time, usually 24 hours. 


What Are the Benefits of Using Transdermal Patches for Cannabis? 

Using a transdermal patch as a delivery method is a fantastic way to receive your daily dose of cannabinoids as they bypass the liver, stomach and lungs. When you smoke or ingest cannabis, it's usually broken down and filtered by these organs which mean you don't receive the full dose intended. In some cases, when the cannabinoids pass through these organs, they are turned into another form of cannabis. By utilising patch technology, you are receiving 100 per cent of the cannabinoids into your bloodstream. Very similar to receiving an IV drip but without the needles! This means saving money as you are not wasting cannabis as close to every drop is being absorbed into your bloodstream. Slow-release is also an advantage to patients who would like a constant supply all day and night without having to keep lighting a vape pen or smoking a joint. The other benefit is you can take the patch off if you do not want to continue the dose and the cannabinoids are stopped from entering your system immediately. 


What Can I Use Patches For?


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The great benefit of using patches is that they can be used for almost any illness. Children and elderly are big fans of patches as they allow a specific slow-release dose to be given without the need for smoking or ingesting cannabis. They are easy to apply and take off and most importantly, can be used for patients to apply directly over a part of your body that is in pain. Inflammation and Epilepsy patients report excellent results with the ease of use, and we have received feedback from customers with arthritis and other skin conditions that feel patches work the best out of all medications tried. A list of indications that we would recommend trying patches on: 

  • pain
  • arthritis
  • skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis etc
  • epilepsy
  • inflammation
  • relaxation 
  • general health and wellness 

With CBD being a Special Access Scheme-only medicine in Australia, a transdermal product you can try without a prescription is the Life+Greene Transdermal Hemp Patches. These little green patches contain a blend of Menthol and Hemp Seed Oil. 


How Does Hemp Seed Oil & Menthol Relieve Pain?




Glad you asked! Menthol has been long regarded for its brilliant, natural analgesic properties. It’s been widely used in topical pain-relieving treatments and is a popular tummy-soothing tea. Then we have the Hemp Seed Oil - with its plentiful and perfectly balanced ratio of Omegas 3, 6 & 9, Hemp Seed Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and is known to help relieve inflammation-related pain (which covers a lot of our common pains). Together, Menthol and Hemp Seed Oil are released slowly into the bloodstream - more effectively reaching sore spots than if the same ingredients were to be ingested, as they bypass our built-in filters - the lungs, stomach and liver. 


If you want to give transdermal technology a shot and are not sure where to start, read more detailed information on Transdermal Patches here and how you can benefit from these fantastic products. We have many impressive review:


"I have used all of mine, I have tried so many different brands to help with my back and hip pain it's not funny. These patches are amazing, there's no redness, pulling on the skin leaving marks etc.

I'm very sensitive to any type of patches/tapes usually, but no trouble with these. I highly recommend getting these patches for pain, help with movement and sleeping - it puts out a lot of the pain - enough to sleep more comfortably. 

No real sensation either. I will definitely be buying more!! All products I've tried at this company are exactly what they say they are. Highly recommended.

Thank you, the Cannabis Co.

I'm so happy I found this company." - Sim, VIC


"Purchased these for my adult daughter who has a muscular dystrophy condition. She swears they help her with body pain. She doesn’t have to use them everyday but when the pain can’t be controlled by painkillers she will always use one for relief." - Bron, NSW