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PETS JUNE 26, 2019

Hemp and Cannabis for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve heard the news – “Hemp and cannabis products are great for dogs” – it’s starting to become quite the trend. But is it true? And if it is true, what are the real benefits of hemp and cannabis products for dogs?


When cannabis products like Hemp Seed Oil For Pets are used, the results are often magical. For dogs suffering from issues such as advanced arthritis and severe anxiety, CBD oil can help considerably with treatment. As someone who loves your dog and wants the best for them, it can be a life-changing experience when you start using hemp, cannabis or marijuana products. Let’s take a closer look at what CBD is, how it functions, the benefits of using it and more.


CBD Oil for Dogs: How it Works

There are an increasing number and variety of cannabis products for dogs, but the most common one is CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil. Hemp and cannabis contain different substances, and one of the most well-known is CBD. Its counterpart, THC, is a psychoactive stimulus, while CBD does the opposite. Instead of giving a buzz, it ensures that your dog basks in an aura of calmness while relieving it of pain. Your dog can benefit from CBD without you having to worry about them being intoxicated. The endogenous cannabinoid system in both humans and dogs are very similar, meaning that the manner in which CBD focuses on receptors in the organs, brain, immune cells and the central nervous system in humans works in the same way for dogs.


Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

When we talk about how hemp or cannabis is beneficial to your dog, what comes to mind?

For those that have introduced their dogs to CBD and hemp products, the reported benefits have often been considerable. They provide an excellent solution for treating different ailments in our beloved furry animals, helping them towards optimum health in order to live their best life. Many products that contain CBD are now in the market, providing an excellent choice for those who want their dogs to benefit from natural remedies. For pet owners who are tired of pumping their dogs with artificial medicines and harmful pharmaceuticals, CBD and hemp products can help a lot. Some of the benefits that accrue to dogs treated with hemp or cannabis products are:


Cannabis for Treatment of Epilepsy and Seizures

Research has shown that cannabis is good for both humans and dogs when dealing with seizures and epilepsy. Many dog owners use CBD and in most cases, their dogs have benefited through reduced seizures. If you wish to reduce the frequency of epilepsy and seizures, CBD will most likely do the trick. It doesn't just reduce the rate, it regularly stops the seizures entirely. Before giving CBD to a dog with seizures and epilepsy, please discuss with your vet.

Dog With Healthy Hemp Products

Cannabis and Hemp Helps Reduce Chronic Pain & Arthritis

We want the best for our dogs, but there are some things that we can't entirely prevent, no matter what we do. One of them is arthritis. Since you can't stop your dog from having arthritis, you can relieve the dog from it. When a dog has arthritis, their joints become inflamed, they suffer pain, and this can exacerbate other effects and lead to terminal ailments. Cannabis and hemp products help relieve your dog of pain by focusing on healing their joints. Using cannabis products on your dog can help reduce the inflammation that they suffer, allowing them to properly recover.


Cannabis & Hemp Helps Improve Appetite

When a dog doesn't feel like eating and has lost its appetite, it’s often tricky to pinpoint the main reason. One primary reason for loss of appetite in a dog is due to nausea. As humans, eating isn't comfortable when we feel ill. Dogs are just the same. When given to dogs, many cannabis and hemp products boost the appetite. You’ll soon see your dog with “a case of the munchies”, happily wolfing down food!


Cannabis and Hemp Helps with Anxiety

For anyone that who’s dealt with anxiety, you’ll know how bad it can be – something you would never wish on your dog. In recent years, widespread acknowledgement of mood issues in dogs has occurred – we now know that dogs have to deal with anxiety, and this can lead to depression if not handled properly. When you leave the house and your dog is anxious about it, this can eventually degenerate into more harmful outcomes. When feeling anxious, they often resort to stressful behaviour such as pacing uncontrollably, urinating everywhere and destroying items that aren't their chew toys. If you need to calm your anxious dog, you should consider using cannabis, which acts as a relaxant.

 Hemp Seed Oil For Pets

CBD Helps In Preventing and Fighting Cancer

Humans aren’t the only ones who have to deal with cancer – dogs too. When it occurs, what do we do? This is a typical scenario for cancer in dogs: 

  • They start to feel nauseous.
  • They’re easily irritated and fall into a bad mood.
  • They begin battling with loss of appetite.
  • The dog refuses to eat and can't consume food, even if they’re starving.
  • Malnutrition leads to further weakness and deterioration.
  • The situation degenerates into chronic pain.
  • The pain becomes uncontrollable.

It doesn’t have to be like this; with hemp and cannabis products, your pet can gain relief while going through this difficult time. Dogs battle with many side effects when they get cancer, and that's where cannabis comes into the equation.


Prevent Dog Illness With Cannabis

For a dog that has cancer, taking CBD or hemp oil can help fight it off. However, you shouldn’t wait until your dog already has cancer to treat them, as it is becoming increasingly evident that cannabis and hemp is best used as a preventative medicine . Hemp and CBD can go a long way towards combatting disease in your dog, but can also help in reducing your dog’s chance of contracting cancer in the first place since it improves the immune system, which wards off cancer cells. Cannabis products also possess anti-tumour properties with features that help to prevent tumours developing.


In summary, cannabis products have been used successfully to treat many ailments which dogs suffer from, as well as their symptoms. However, it is crucial that you discuss treatment with your vet first to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Maybe your dog could benefit from hemp. Hundreds of pet owners have seen their pups benefit from Hemp Seed Oil For Pets, plus it's got a Money Back Guarantee, so why not give it a go?

Hemp Seed Oil For Pets