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Maisie – Hemp Shampoo for Sensitive Skin | 500ml

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BUDDYPET Maisie, a gentle dog shampoo for sensitive skin, combines hemp seed oil, hemp terpenes, oatmeal extract, and aloe vera to soothe and nurture your pet's skin. Formulated by our in-house vet, it reduces inflammation and irritation. Enriched with raw, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, this natural, hypoallergenic shampoo is free from sulphates, parabens, alcohol, and toxins, ensuring your pet's comfort and safety.

Product Information

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What it Does

BUDDYPET Maisie's natural dog shampoo is crafted by our in-house vet with hemp, terpenes, coconut oil, and natural proteins to heal and soothe sensitive pet skin. The formula alleviates inflammation, oxidative damage, allergies, rashes, and excessive itching. The hemp seed oil enhances your dog's skin barrier and promotes a healthy immune response to allergens.

How to Use It

Thoroughly wet coat, lather shampoo, wait 5 minutes, rinse off, and towel dry. For a silky finish, use the BUDDYPET George conditioner.


Hemp seed oil, aloe vera juice, colloidal oatmeal, vitamin E, hemp terpenes.


Use as many times as required, result times may vary depending on the thickness of fur and hair of the animal. 

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Will it make my pet high?

A: Not at all. With less than 0.00001% THC, our hemp seed oil for pets won't cause any "high" feelings, even in vast amounts. Learn more about the difference between hemp which gets you high and hemp which makes you healthy.

Can I apply it externally to skin, fur and coat, or should it only be added to food?

A: BUDDYPET Maisie is desigend for external use only. 

Is it suitable for all animals?

A: BUDDYPET Maisie is suitable for dogs, horses, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hens, chickens, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys and ponies. And they’re just the ones our customers have reported great outcomes with. As far as we know, no animals have had an adverse reaction to hemp.  

Everything sounds great, but you’re just trying to sell me things. Do you have any proof that this works?

A: Explore our happy customer's feedback below, and once you see the magic of our hemp seed oil for your pets, share your tale and fetch a surprise!

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Left the hair soft and shiny

Our dog has wiry hair, and this shampoo makes it very soft, it smells very nice and she seems to like it. Didn’t get the conditioner because there is no need for her (but also because she gets very impatient when taking a bath).

Maise Shampoo

The shampoo worked well for my black lab, used it over the course of 6 weeks until it was gone. Smells and feels so soft. He seems to not be itchy on his stomach as much and i presume that its a result from the ingredients.

Maisie shampoo

Have used this shampoo for sensitive skin a couple of times now on my puppy shihpoo, Has a nice soft fragrance, lathers up well, and doesn’t make her itch, fur is lovely and soft.