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The Maisie – Hemp Shampoo for Sensitive Skin 300ml

For Your Best Friend's Sensitive Skin

The Maisie is the ideal blend for your sensitive and itchy dog. Hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties are the best solution nature has come up with for sensitive dogs, which is perfect for allergies and helps give relief to itchy, dry and irritated skin. That’s why this shampoo contains an extra dose of our 100% raw cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil – just a few washes and you’ll see a difference. Our special blend of hemp, terpenes, coconut oil elements and natural proteins was scientifically formulated by CannaCo Pet’s in-house veterinarians in order to bring about positive changes for skin and coat, reducing inflammation and oxidative damage. If you don’t see any results, we’ll give you your money back – guaranteed.

Health Benefits

Clinical trials show that hemp can help with managing allergies, arthritis pain and joint inflammation, reducing skin allergies, promoting weight management, inhibiting tumour growth in cancer, lowering cardiovascular disease risks, improving cognitive disorders, contributing to healthy brains, bones and eyes, boosting immune function and repairing liver damage.

How to Use

Wet coat thoroughly, lather in well, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off well and towel dry. We recommend complimenting this shampoo by following up with an application of The George, CannaCo Pet's conditioner.


Cold-Pressed Raw Organic Hemp Oil (5%), Coconut Oil derivatives, Natural hemp proteins, hemp terpenes (0.7%).

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

I washed all five of my chihuahuas with the Maisie shampoo and the George conditioner.
WOW. Honestly, they look and feel like different dogs. They all have pretty sensitive skin so I’m always hesitant to try a new shampoo but I knew after reading the ingredients they would be fine.
I didn’t tell anyone that I used a different shampoo but they knew straight away!!! They are so shiny, so soft and they all seem so happy too! Yves, my little blue chihuahua who has colour dilution alopecia is the softest she’s ever been, with no irritation!! Hugo my little grumpy boy was falling asleep as I lathered him with the shampoo - absolutely loving it! I am so happy! 10/10 - Highly reccomened!!

annette grice
great for my mini dashie who has sensitive skin

very happy. My boy has sensitive belly and neck skin. This shampoo gets him clean and doesnt effect his skin

Di Hawthorne
Very nice shampoo

Bought for the old dog with kidney disease . His coat had become quite dry, this shampoo helped a lot. Doesn’t send his white coat yellow either. Will buy again.

Linda Cole
Maisie sensitivity be skin shampoo

My sensitive skin Maltese cross Cavalier gets great relief from this product. Really provides great results.

Dog shampoo sensitive

We’ve used this twice and it’s amazing would highly recommend. It hasn’t helped with their itchyness but has helped with the smell.