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Dog Shampoo

Only on concern, is that I feel that I still had to use a conditioner for my boy. Just dried his hair out abit

Great For My Dog’s Skin

I love how this shampoo has decreased my dogs scratching! The only trouble I have is getting the shampoo to lather, and I feel like I use a lot of the shampoo in one go. But it works, and I would definitely recommend this product and buy it again!

Should have tried it a year ago!

My Irish Terrier has had a range of health issues, but in the past year, his skin has been awful. Itchy all over, horrible raw red patches, black patches, etc. I tried the vet recommended treatment - an antibiotic cream - and it improved the condition, but then it got bad again. Other creams didn't work and the vet wanted to put him on a pill to stop the itching which was an immune suppressant. I thought that was just a bad idea as my dog already has immune problems. Cut to a year later..I didn't know what to try, thought it might be an allergy to food, but he's already on a special diet for allergies. My husband suggested it might be the shampoo we use. So we found the Maisie and I thought - expensive, but let's try it. I kid you not. After ONE shampoo, 90% of the redness was gone! 95% of the crusts all over his tummy and under his legs were gone! His skin felt soft, not like the dry horrible mess it was. The website says it takes a few washes and I was not expecting anything to help, but it actually made a huge difference in one wash. I plan on coming back to update this review in a month or so when we have been using it for longer to see how it goes from now on. He is still itching at the moment, but I am very hopeful now that this will subside in time. I wish I knew about it ages ago and saved my dog the suffering.

Ideal for itchy skin

This is brilliant for itchy skin in long breeded dogs

Love this shampoo!!

I bought both this one for sensitive skin and the Rex.I have 2 dogs.I have written a comprehensive review already for the Rex and Raw oil for Pets please look for it and read!
I use them both alternatively on both my dogs and sometimes i even mix them together.
My larger dog Gypsy has such a thick coat these days which wasnt the case 4 yrs ago(she had nearly lost all her fur),Anyway the reason for mentioning that,I just want to give a tip -I read somebody else’s review where they said they’re using a lot of the shampoo and it’s not lasting very long.
What I do -I do maybe five pumps of each of the shampoos into a large jar mix it with nice hot water and shake vigourously and then I tip it all over my wet dog and then it lathers really well.When I was just putting it straight onto her wet coat it just wasn’t lathering that well & i had to use heaps of it!!
It’s made a huge difference doing that!! Hope that helps!🙂



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The Maisie is the ideal blend for your sensitive and itchy dog. Hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties are the best solution nature has come up with for sensitive dogs, which is perfect for allergies and helps give relief to itchy, dry and irritated skin. That’s why this shampoo contains an extra dose of our 100% raw cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil – just a few washes and you’ll see a difference. Our special blend of hemp, cannabis terpenes, coconut oil elements and natural proteins was scientifically formulated by CannaCo Pet’s in-house veterinarians in order to bring about positive changes for skin and coat, reducing inflammation and oxidative damage. If you don’t see any results, we’ll give you your money back – guaranteed.

Health benefits

Clinical trials show that cannabis can help with managing allergies, arthritis pain and joint inflammation, reducing skin allergies, promoting weight management, inhibiting tumour growth in cancer, lowering cardiovascular disease risks, improving cognitive disorders, contributing to healthy brains, bones and eyes, boosting immune function and repairing liver damage.

How to use

Wet coat thoroughly, lather in well, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off well and towel dry. We recommend complimenting this shampoo by following up with an application of The George, CannaCo Pet's conditioner.


Cold-Pressed Raw Organic Hemp Oil (5%), Coconut Oil derivatives, Natural hemp proteins, Cannabis terpenes (0.7%).