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Hemp Oil Supplement - 10L

The perfect balance of nutrition and affordability, Hemp Oil Supplement is an excellent addition to equine & domestic pet food for a nutritional boost.

Like Hemp Seed Oil, this supplement is high in essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 & 9, protein, and an even higher mineral content. 

What's the difference? This product is a less-processed version of Hemp Seed Oil that delivers similar benefits but at a lower cost. 


Health Benefits 

Due to high omegas, hemp oil supplement helps maintain a healthy coat, improve joint health & mobility and anxiety.


How To Use

Dogs: Add to wet or dry food once daily. For dogs under 10kg stick to 0.5ml per serve, dogs 10kg+ will need 1ml per serve.

Cats: Add 0.5ml to wet or dry food once daily.

Horses: Add 30-60ml per day into feed. 

This product is for animal consumption only.

Customer Reviews

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christy wachs
Family loves it

I give this to my horse daily and he’s just getting better and better. We all see it, and it’s now our favourite equine product!