Hemp Seed Oil For Pets – 100% Raw – Box of 6 x 200ml bottles (MINIMUM ORDER SIZE: 4 BOXES)
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Hemp Seed Oil For Pets – 100% Raw – Box of 6 x 200ml bottles (MINIMUM ORDER SIZE: 4 BOXES)

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Most pet foods are basically the same as “fast food” for humans – although our little mates scoff it up (and love the taste), they’re not getting the nutrients they need for health and happiness. Almost all commercial animal feed is extremely low quality in terms of nutrition, and even worse, the majority are full of synthetic chemicals and vitamins which are toxic and can result in harm. Practically all commercial pet food is very low-quality nutrition and loaded with synthetic vitamins and other chemicals that result in your pet suffering nutritional deficiencies and toxicity.

Our Hemp Seed Oil For Pets is the opposite: optimum plant-based nutrition, which is easy to digest, leading to elevated health in animals. Whether added to food or used externally, you'll see the difference within a matter of weeks – not only will their coats, ears, eyes, joints, nails (or claws/hooves/trotters!) and teeth improve, but their mood will be elevated, and they’ll even have better breath! In fact, you’ll notice such a positive difference that you might even suspect the little critter’s high on something... We're so sure of this, we'll give you your money back if you don't see a difference.

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Hemp seed oil for pets. Amazing product

This is such a popular product at our store and all the dogs who take it are thriving

Our first order was great

We placed and paid for our order in the morning and it arrived the following day, very well packed. Since then we have already placed another 2 orders. Super quick

Walking off the shelf!

I stock the Hemp Seed Oil at my Hydrotherapy Centre for dogs in NSW and it literally walked off the shelf once I told people the benefits of it. I now have people asking for it. My dogs and I tried the oil before I stocked it in our retail outlet and I was exceptionally happy with the results. A wonderful product.

Prompt Service

Ordering is an easy process and delivery time is excellent!

Great Thank you

Fast delivery this time

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