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100% Raw Hemp Protein Blend for Pets 500g - Box of 12

Recovery Formula for the Animal World

This blend is a recovery assist formula designed to help your fur baby get back to optimal health, fast. It’s chemical free and nutrient dense - the pawfect recipe to help your pet feel and look better. 

Health Benefits 

Hemp Protein and Chickpea Flour provide a nutritious combination of of beneficial fibre, vitamins, omegas and a complex amino acid profile to support overall wellbeing. 

These ingredients are high in protein and abundant in photo-nutrients, but best of all, they are extremely digestible - important to support recovering pets with sensitive tummies. 

Protein Blend for Pets can help in many ways:

  • support digestive health

  • assist with weight gain

  • assist recovery from surgery

  • general health and wellness 

How to Use: 

Add to food every 2-3 days, mixed 1:1 with water.

Serve as a side dish, or mixed into wet food.

Small Dogs (under 10kg) - 1 scoop or less

Medium Dogs (10-20kg) - 1 scoop

Large Dogs (20kg+) - 1-2 scoops

This product has been designed to mix with water to form a paste - making it easy for pets to lick and digest. 

We’ve made this product to be highly ‘customisable’, with the option to tailor the ratios of powder, to water, to added Hemp Seed Oil, based on the results you’re after. 

For pets in recovery and those experiencing anxiety or stress, we recommend adding half to one full dropper of BUDDYPET Marley to the mixture for optimal results. It’s also possible to mix a higher ratio of water and administer via a syringe if necessary. 

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