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I Love ❤️ the product but it’s expensive for me and the bottle doesn’t go very far.

Hemp Oil and Rex Dog Shampoo

Continue to love Hemp Oil for my dogs and love the Rex Shampoo. Dogs look like gleaming silk.

Finally i dont have to bathe my dog weekly!!

My gorgeous Gypsy has had a problem with her skin and coat for 4 yrs!! Originally i suspected demodex mites so worked hard to cure her with natural products.She also had scratched herself so much she had staph aureus sores everwhere and scarlet red inflamed skin all over.I had to treat and bathe her every 2days for 2.5 yrs!! I rid her of the mites and golden staph within a few months(it wasnt easy)However she still had a problem with something that was giving her a weird kind of smell and a really greasy coat especially around the neck . In the end I worked out it was a fungal condition-Malasseizza (I am probably spelling that incorrectly)!lol
I was also giving her natural supplements.For the next 2 years i was able to stretch her baths to 1x a week.She still seemed to have a problem with the fungal thing that was happening on her coat making her smelly and greasy particularly around her neck.
I bought the shampoo and I have also been giving her the Raw Hemp seed oil for Pets for a couple of months now.Her fur is shiny,and I can happily report that I have been able to stretch her baths out to every 3 to 4 weeks now,which is such a blessing and a relief for me!! It was exhausting going through the bathing treatments so often over such a long period of time and she isnt a small dog,so would take me 3hrs from start to finish(there were many steps along the way).Also her joints are so much better -she’s 12 or 13 now and has been hobbling a little bit with arthritis.Even though she is still a little stiff in the joints she can run more than she was before using the oil -it’s wonderful!!Thank you so very muchfor making such a great product!! Monika

Itchy dogs

I purchased this product for my German Shepherds that have been itching for unkown reason. After 2 baths it has improved.
However the shampoo doesn't go very far and for 3 dogs it almost all gone. I found the second time it was easier to apply watered down and it went a bit further. Long term it is not practical for me to use

Good Product

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The Rex is the blend for every dog that gets a bit mucky now and then. Our special blend of raw cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil and cannabis terpenes alongside elements derived from coconut oil and natural proteins make The Rex suitable for all breeds. The naturally healthy effects of cannabis help to counteract itchiness, while hemp’s antibacterial properties ensures healthy skin. A scientifically formulated shampoo, developed together with CannaCo Pet’s in-house veterinarians, The Rex works up a great lather, allowing your Rex’s coat to shine bright! Try it – if you don’t see results, we’ll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

Health benefits

Clinical trials show that cannabis can help with managing allergies, arthritis pain and joint inflammation, reducing skin allergies, promoting weight management, inhibiting tumour growth in cancer, lowering cardiovascular disease risks, improving cognitive disorders, contributing to healthy brains, bones and eyes, boosting immune function and repairing liver damage.

How to use

Wet coat thoroughly, lather in well, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off well and towel dry. We recommend complimenting this shampoo by following up with an application of The George, CannaCo Pet's conditioner.


Cold-Pressed Raw Organic Hemp Oil (3%), Coconut Oil derivatives, Natural hemp proteins, Cannabis terpenes (0.7%).