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100% Australian Grown & Made Organic Hemp Products

Life + Greene

Hemp Seed Oil Capsules+

Mother Nature Encapsulated

Hemp seed oil? In capsules? That's right! Hemp seed oil had incredible results for so many people out there that they wanted more, and here it is. But this time the Life+Greene hemp seed oil capsules are made with a little bit of extra TLC - Terpenes. They are far from ordinary as the terpenes are carefully selected, so their synergetic abilities are heightened when combined with hemp seed oil. Each capsule will fill you with essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3, naturally balanced to a 3:1 ratio, so your body is able to absorb well these crucial fatty acids. Not only that, one serving will give you a great source of Vitamin E (antioxidant) and plant cholesterols. We know being healthy can sometimes not taste that great. Life+Greene hemp seed oil capsules will help anyone whose taste buds are sensitive to the green goodness as it will dissolve in your stomach freeing you of any taste.  Taking them daily can help you build a stronger self from within and with added terpenes, bring your body to another high.

We believe everyone should try feeling great; it's what every human-being deserves! Our hemp capsules are meticulously designed for precisely that and to top it off we're offering Money Back Guarantee solely for your reassurance.

One box contains 60 Capsules in soft gels format.

Health Benefits

Each hemp capsule is prepared with a proper dose, so you don't have any hassles. The fatty acids are essential to our body as we cannot make them ourselves and need to find ways to incorporate in our diet. The fatty acids are crucial for cell and body growth, maintenance of cell membranes, reducing inflammation and keeping our hearts healthy. The antioxidant Vitamin E also helps protect your cells from free radicals, and the plant cholesterol present in the capsules reduces bad cholesterol in your body, which helps regulate your weight.

How to Use

Take with a meal. The capsules are designed to be easily swallowed but recommended to wash it down with water.

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Customer Reviews

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Price conscious omegas

Easy to take and price point is excellent for omegas.


Great .. loved the quality of this : )

100% Raw Hemp Seed Oil Capsules+

Love Love Love these Capsules - tried to take a teaspoon of the actual Hemp Seed Oil but could not do it and I put it in juice but no good either - Keep it for cooking and skin care - salads etc. The capsules are so convenient and no after oil taste and have helped so much with inflammation - pain - and mentally as well. Would recommend to anyone wanting a natural alternative for feeling good and looking good. Thank you for making such a great product will be buying again. Cheers Trish

Hemp capsules

Excellent! Small and easy to use. Very convenient, just throw them in your pocket or bag. Voila!

Does this get rid of anxiety

Do these tablets help with anxiety and panic attacks?