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Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin 700ml

Terpene-infused Hemp Gin Distilled With Native Australian Botanicals

Through a finely wrought blend of Australian native botanicals with the hemp terpene Limonene, we seek to capture the flavour of our deep, complex and conflicted emotions about this beautiful country.

Both aroma and taste are super fresh. On the nose, scents of jilungin and wild lemongrass bring forth a refreshing coolness reminiscent of a wetlands breeze on a hot summer’s day. Citrus elements of finger lime intertwine with cinnamon myrtle, while a heavy dose of juniper and coriander keep the spirit firmly entrenched in the tradition of a truly classic gin.

On the palate, exotic notes of spice interact with a deep earthiness. Hemp’s naturally nutty flavour interacts with native botanicals to bestow an almost hazelnut quality upon the gin, brightening up a rich fullness to the mouth feel. Add tonic to your glass and experience the uniquely colourful bouquet of Native Australian wildness.      

50% of profits from the first release of this gin go towards education around traditional land management techniques in the Kimberley.

One bottle contains 700ml of gin.


Limonene is a lesser known but fascinating Terpene found in a variety of strains of the Cannabis plant. More than just its herbaceous rich flavour profile, this little known Terpene is the focus of some interesting and ongoing research, with the University of Queensland finding it to contain over 30% more antioxidants than Green Tea, and Griffith University finding that Wild Lemongrass, a primary source of Limonene, contains promising pain relief and anti inflammatory properties.

Although we welcome to presence of Limonene and Juniper in this carefully crafted herbaceous and aromatic Gin, the Jilungin Dreaming Gin is not intended to be or consumed as a medicinal product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Terpene-infused Hemp Gin Distilled With Native Australian Botanicals

Enjoy this gin, best gin I’ve tasted with no after taste
Nice with tonic water
Brought it for the health benefits and feel it does help with my inflammation
Would highly recommend


Beautiful gin!

The best Gin ever

This is a amazing Gin, my most favourite so far.

Good drop

I have had many gins before but the Hemp Gin most enjoyable drop I would recommend this
Just add a drop of lemon and small amount of Tonic water
I also bought the gin for its health properties. I would recommend it to others.

Flavours to experience

Sipping the gin allows me to experience the wonderful combination of flavours it gives. I also bought the gin for its health properties. I would recommend it to others.