Cannabis, Marijuana and CBD for Pets in Australia and NZ

Cannabis, Marijuana and CBD for Pets in Australia and NZ

If you have heard about CBD and Hemp Oil recently, you are not alone. This amazing plant called cannabis has the power not only to heal and medicate both humans and animals, but bring happiness and love to so many in need. Pets (especially dogs) can also be treated with cannabis to improve their health and address many new and ongoing health issues, and in the right dose cannabis can work correctly for any animal you care for.

What Are CBD and Hemp? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over a hundred compounds found inside the Cannabis Sativa plant, and this compound is typically extracted from the Hemp plant. This is crucial, as it's genetically bred to ensure very low THC content. By having low THC content inside the hemp plant, this means you can receive a product with no psychoactive effects (the psychoactive effects are what make people feel “high”). CBD is proven to treat many indications in all mammals and works on a system inside our bodies called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), something we are all born with and which was only recently discovered, in the mid ‘90s. Consuming hemp and CBD will ensure the cannabinoids interact with your ECS and give you a general feeling of wellness, bringing balance to your body and helping treat and fight a number of diseases. It does the same for animals.

CBD law in Australia and NZ 

We all know that Australian law is very slow to change in relation to any cultural shift in society; however, the government in Australia legalised access to medical cannabis back in 2016. This is excellent news, but you will need to hold a valid script approved by either an authorised prescriber or your local GP. Products can be accessed via a government access pathway called the Special Access Scheme

Recently the land of the long white cloud has announced that it will legalise CBD and remove it from the Misuse Of Drugs acts register. The move is welcomed for people and pets suffering from conditions that can be treated with cannabis and will come into effect sometime in 2020. CBD is still accessible via a compassionate use system that is similar to Australia's and on prescription only. 

To clarify, the laws and restrictions in Australian and NZ apply to both humans and animals. 

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How does this compare with other countries? 

In most western countries access to CBD has been legalised in some form, and patients can gain access to a full spectrum treatment very quickly. On October 17th 2018 Canada went all the way and legalised medical cannabis for recreational use following many years of allowing access to medical cannabis with no problems. America is in the grip of a nationwide legalisation wave with over 30 states allowing cannabis in some form, with nine states having legalised recreational cannabis use for adults. Many European countries like Switzerland, Germany and Austria now allow the sale of cannabis products, and more hardline nations such Thailand have recently opened the door for access to cannabis (but only for research purposes).

How to access CBD for pets in Australia and NZ? 

The safest and most effective way to access CBD in Australia and NZ is via a hemp product. These come in many forms and include oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals and capsules. 

Always choose an organic and full spectrum oil made in Australia. Selecting a full spectrum oil ensures you gain access to all the natural terpenes and flavonoids inside the product and always choose from a reputable brand with trusted reviews. Products can be purchased online or in your local store and remember, always start slow and follow the dosing directions. 


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  • Angie, our 100% Raw Hemp seed oil for Pets may help in the recovery stage after your dog’s tumour surgery. Providing healthy nutrients needed to sustain everyday activity.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Denise, unfortunately, obtaining CBD oil is a lengthy process in Australia. Whether it’s for a human or pet. If you would still like to pursue it, please send us an email detailing your cat’s condition and best contact number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Fabiana, sorry to hear about your cat’s condition. CBD oil can only be obtained through a prescription in Australia. Please contact your vet in order to get a proper assessment for using CBD oil on your pet.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Alison, if your dog is experiencing allergies please consult a vet before taking any actions. While hemp oil is beneficial to combat skin disorders, finding out what caused the allergies will be more effective.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Hi my dog has just had an agresdive tumour removed would any of the products help her as I’m not going to get further treatment.

    Angie on
  • My 17yr old cat has been diagnosed with a cancerous growth near his intestines and have been told that CBD oil will help him. Is this true and where can I access some so I can start immediately administering it. Is it easily accessible here in Australia or a hassle with the government reluctance to easy cancer suffers both animal and human. I prefer to get the right product than source from other avenues. My vet is on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

    Denise Williams on
  • Hi, my cat has just been diagnosed with arthritis. She has been limping however, we can not give her prescribed medication daily as it can affect her liver. Can I use CBD oil to help her with the pain? Will the oil cause any side effect to her liver like the medication?

    Fabiana on
  • Hi, my dog has allergies. She gets red itchy eyes & yeast infections in her paws. Do you think the Hemp seed oil would help her? Thanx

    Alison on
  • Peter, CBD treatment has had many successful results in treating seizures experienced by pets. But please, consult with your dog’s vet if you would like to take any further actions.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Our dog has just started having seizures. Will cbd treatment work ?

    Peter Williams on
  • Samira, sorry to hear about your dog, CBD oil can only be obtained through a prescription in Australia so you would need to consult with your vet in order to receive one.
    If it is a full-spectrum oil or not, will depend on what your vet has access to. In regards to the dosage amount, each product is different and the dosage amount will vary. Products will advise you how much to give a pet based on their weight.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Hi, is the raw hemp oil full spectrum? How much mg is one dose? Does one need a prescription from a vet in Australia. I’m from India and gave family travelling to Australia, hence would like to get CBD oil for my 7 year old dog who has arthritis

    Samira Abraham on
  • Krystina, sorry to hear about your dog. There have been evidence of CBD oil helping dogs with cushings disease. As every product is different and so is every dog the results can vary. The cost is quite expensive here in Australia as you need to obtain CBD oil through a prescription.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Ping, CBD oil can help reduce the intensity of your dog’s epilepsy. However it is different for every dog and some have found greater results treating the condition with CBD oil.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Finn, incredibly sorry to hear about your dog. There are definitely ways, we have a great article for you to read that will guide you through the process: How To Access CBD & Medical Marijuana in Australia

    The Cannabis Company on
  • hello my dog has recently started having seizures regularly and do not want to put him on prescription drugs is there anyway we could get cbd from the vet to help him is there anyway you could help me please

    Finn hammond on
  • Andonis, yes that is possible however you will need to go through your dog’s vet and ask for a prescription in order to obtain CBD oil for your pet.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Tina, I am so sorry to hear about your pets’ conditions. We offer a great 100% raw hemp seed oil for pets ( that have worked to cure many other pets with similar conditions. However, if you are still interested in CBD oil for you can email us with information about your pets’ conditions and best contact number and we will lend you a hand.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • Hi my dog has cushings disease would she benefit from taking oil for her symptoms & weakness in back legs wot is the cost thanks

    Krystina Blackney on
  • My dog has a epilepsy. Is CBD oil treat seizures?

    Ping on
  • Hi wanted to see if we can get som cbd oil for our dog as she had som sort of glan cancer

    Andonis on
  • Sue, incredibly sorry to hear about your mother’s dog. Using CBD oil for pets cannot cure cancer or remove tumours, however it works great as a relief for the pet whilst it is trying to get better. In order to obtain CBD oil for the dog you need a prescription from a vet. If you need help with obtaining it, just send us an email detailing the dog’s condition with your best contact number and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

    The Cannabis Company on
  • I’m so confused. My mother’s much loved dog has a number of internal tumours. He had surgery to remove some 18 months ago but they have since grown back along with others. Vets have said surgery is now not viable. I want to try CBD with him rather than hemp alone as all my readings suggest this is the way to go for cancer. Also hemp has Omega 6 which is a no no for cancer. Anybody had any experience buying and using CBD for a similar purpose?

    Sue Baxter on
  • Hi I also live in Australia and need this for my nearly 18 yr old puppy, 13 yr old fluffer that has cushions disease but medicated, and my FIV cats plus and my kitty that doesn’t have FIV but has severe anxiety. Our government need to let this go though now so our animals can live out their life comfortable and happy, it’s cruel to not bring it in now. Sorry I cant find your products on top of the page. Please email me when u get time. I really need this 4 my 18 yr old baby asap as he doesn’t have much time left 😭😭

    Tina on

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