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Dominique Ba – Cannabis Cocktails

Dominique is the woman behind the Feel Good Hit of the Summer. From the second she got her hands on The Myrcene she totally blew our minds with a level of creativity we've rarely encountered. Straight down the middle between accessible recipes for all and high-falutin' mixology, she has another half-dozen Hemp Gin recipes which we can't wait to showcase.


How does gin make you feel?

Depends on why I’m drinking it! Gin reminds me of autumn going into winter, my way of coping with the weather cooling down and to stay warm! As my husband says it’s my Martini season and nothing to me is better than a well-balanced Martini, slightly dirty so that it plays with the flavours of gin.


How does cannabis make you feel?

Personally, socially or politically? I feel it has a very relevant place in today’s community and do believe that it is a more natural way of assisting yourself health-wise.  At the end of the day though any type of smoking is bad for you, so it can be a love/hate relationship.


Do they go well together?

I believe they do, I enjoy the different floral effects from the cannabis which is unique. To have to opportunity to play with this product has been a dream. I feel it goes best with “Asian” inspired flavours.


Feel Good Hit of the Summer

When you use gin in your drinks, how do you want people to feel?

Again, depends on what mood they are in or for that matter what mood I’m in! Gin is so versatile that you can tell a story with your drink that can make them “feel” however you want. Generally I like to make things that confuse the palate “e.g. using molecular gastronomy to make fake olives out of brine” so they have to think a little. I like to make it so that the customer can make their own versions with commercially available ingredients to encourage them to explore what they like.


What's your relationship with the cannabis plant?

None, biologically. ;)


What's your earliest recollection of marijuana, weed, cannabis?

Laying on the roof of my best friend’s house, when I lived in the United States. We stuffed ourselves with vanilla cake and had many epiphanic conversations as I was moving country again and not sure when or if I’d see her again.


Was it present in your local environment or more of a pop culture thing?

I went to a public school in Eltham Victoria, so it was very present… I think one of our teachers got busted for using the horticulture green houses to grow his own crops however I could be wrong and just a school urban legend?!


Feel Good Hit of the Summer

Is cannabis legalisation a good idea?

I think it’s a good idea as long as it can be measured, controlled and correctly policed. Cannabis has been a part of history for ages, there have been studies showing the benefits however we are still in a stage where we cannot get measured results for the long term effects. This information is now coming through and we are getting an opportunity to study it more and understand it to use it for its best benefits.


Who would you rather serve, a drunk or a stoner?

Stoner for sure, less violent, hilarious and easy to please most of the time, but there are always exceptions to the rule. They can be annoying due to side effects like paranoia or being way to chatty but that can occur with anyone #shutitkaren


Tell me one thing you'd like to see change in your industry?

Just one thing? Stop freaking foraging on the side of the damn streets and putting it in your drinks. It’s not that I’m against foraging (I hunt deer and forage when I’m out bush), I’m just against foraging for commercial consumption in urban and suburban areas because the last thing you want is a lawsuit for giving them worms or worse!


What's your future dream?

For people to stop being so offended and hypocritical – my actual future dream is a secret, but you’ll find out about that later!

Feel Good Hit of the Summer

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