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What is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil. Powerful energy source... or another nutrition fad? Don't fret. We'll explain the facts, how to use MCT Oil and how it could be beneficial for your diet. 


What is MCT Oil?

Put simply, it literally means “Medium-Chain-Triglyceride”, in the form of an oil. So it is actually a kind of fat. More specifically, as the name suggests, MCT oil is made up of medium-length chains of fats. Scary? Nope! Because of their structure, MCTs are broken down via digestion much more easily than carbohydrates. This means MCT oil is one of the fastest-acting sources of clean fuel available to the human body.


MCT Oil Kick for the day


When sourced purely from coconut oil, you'll get an important form of MCT called Lauric Acid, a slower burning fuel source that gives you that energy kick throughout your entire day. So keep an eye out for the quality stuff and read your MCT oil reviews. It also can come from lower quality oils, such as palm oil, or in dairy products such as whole milk and butter. 


How Does MCT Oil Work?

However you choose to consume MCT, you're putting less stress on your body to break down and create energy, compared to other fats from meats and dairy. MCTs are a special type of fat. 

Typically, fats will offer you the most in energy production, but are a pain for your body to digest and break down into usable energy. Digesting heavy fats will put a strain on your liver this way. But MCTs are beneficial, because they place a lower strain on the liver to be converted into good fuel for your body to use. Additionally, The liver turns MCT into a single powerful energy source, called Ketones.

Ketones are a natural fuel source, and happen to be exactly what the brain uses as fuel to operate. Furthermore, they're a super important form of energy used first by every muscle in your body! 


So to Recap: 

Using MCT is a super powerful way of getting the fuel your brain and body needs, because it is broken down into a very important energy source called Ketones. 

Ketones! These are what gave the “Keto” diet its name - where the body runs off of only ketones instead of carbohydrates. Bear in mind we are not endorsing the Keto diet here - remember, everything in moderation and what works for some bodies may not be the right fit for yours. But that’s not to say you wouldn’t benefit from trying MCT in some form as part of your regular diet. 


But, Will MCT Help Me?

Maybe that was a lot to take in - let us give you the shortest answer: A likely yes. MCT Oil is becoming more frequently used in areas of professional movement. We can look to sports and athletics, for the obvious use of MCTs as accessible and efficient energy in a supplement form. However, you don't need to go “Full Keto”, or become a power-lifter to see the benefits. 


MCT Oil Like Coffee


Slow burning energy can also be super helpful with controlling food cravings. Those ketones are favoured by your brain as well as your muscles, so MCT is a fantastic candidate to go with your morning coffee - which is where bulletproof coffee comes from. One of the most important and noticeable things to get from your nutrition is having sustained energy during a long day of work at the site, the office or in the field – and MCT could help you with this. 


MCT and Cannabis


MCT Oil and Hemp


For the same reasons each hemp strain is unique, there are tonnes of cannabis oil formats. You can buy traditional droppers, or oral sprays, gels, and more. The best format for you will depend on how and why you intend to use the oil. MCT is a common choice of carrier for cannabis oil (A “carrier” meaning something that dilutes your oil, and helps it enter the body). Some other carrier oils include grape-seed, olive, and sunflower oil. 

However, MCT has become a super popular choice with manufacturers because: MCT has a neutral taste, unlike some other carriers, and its structure evenly absorbs cannabis compounds. This allows for accurate dosing. Because this fat is so easily absorbed by the liver, it lets the cannabinoid’s effects kick in faster than with other carrier oils.


MCT and Alzheimer's

Did you know, MCT is being researched for its potential capability of aiding Alzheimer's? In a nut-shell, the Alzheimer's condition stops the brain from being able to use sugar to function. MCT offers the brain an alternative energy source for suffering patients, as it breaks down into ketones, not sugar. Studies have shown that MCT could also help block receptors in the brain responsible for memory loss. 

Pretty neat. 


Finding the Best Source

MCT Oil is available to buy both online and in many popular retailers for reasonable prices. For our Aussie's, you can just punch in “MCT Oil Coles” into your search browser to find the closest in-store near you. It's sold just about everywhere online too, so finding it won't be a problem. Just remember, you're best to do some research about which source is for you (As always, if you are pregnant, nursing, take medication or suspect a medical condition, please consult a doctor before taking any nutritional supplements). 

Simply put... 

  • MCT is a very efficient source of energy.
  • Helps control cravings with longer lasting energy.
  • You do not need to be an athlete to use MCT. 

Have you tried MCT before? We'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments below now!


Written by Zach Johnson