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How CBD Oil Help with Arthritis

Arthritis affects 1 in 7 people - a whopping 3.5 million Australians. It occurs when the autoimmune system causes inflammation in the joints. What causes arthritis is unknown. Not great, huh?

But you can learn how to get rid of arthritis in your fingers and joints, at least you can ease the pain to very manageable levels. So this is a hot, burning, very ouchy topic. “But arthritis only affects my grandparents!” You wish, this can quite easily affect adults in their 20’s. So you and all your family best grab a seat and listen up:

Can Cannabis Oil Cure Arthritis?

Let’s cut the fat: CBD oil specifically does in fact help pretty effectively with arthritis. It won’t necessarily cure you, but it’s scientifically backed not just as a pain reliever, but as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Research has found that CBD decreases joint inflammation and serves as a protectant to your precious nerves.

So for people in varying levels of pain - yes CBD oil might be for you. Luckily, in Australia you should be eligible for the Special Access Scheme through your GP, gaining you legal access to CBD products. But, CBD isn’t the only part of our favourite plant that has a part to play in giving arthritis the boot.

The entire Marijuana plant itself holds similar properties, and not just the CBD oil. The Hemp seeds and oil extracted from hemp (you can buy legally in Australia here) are also powerful when it comes to reducing inflammation too. And it ain’t just us saying it, it’s you folks:


”I have Osteo Arthritis and the hemp oil is taking the pain away slowly but enough to notice. I also have menopause for the second time with only with really bad sweats and the oil has totally stop the sweats in its track. Cannabis Co I love you people.” - Dennise

… Well Dennise, we love you too, congratulations on your pain relief!

Unless you try it, not many out there will actually know that Hemp seed oil can help alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Hemp oil contains the optimal 3/1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, a balance that’s scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory and contribute to easing arthritis. Hemp oil also has Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is another fat that can help ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. 

These factors make the oil a great substitute to CBD for those who can’t access it and want a nutrient that can be taken daily without any side-effects, or forms. 

Right well enough self-promotion for now, let’s talk more facts.

What is CBD? 

CBD, or “cannabidiol”, is just a compound we can extract from the cannabis plant. CBD will not get you high but might make you a little tired. CBD in most products is extracted from hemp leaves, that has up to 0.3% of THC, the active compound that gets people high. CBD is eaten and digested, absorbed via the skin, or can be vaped/smoked.

Can cannabis oil help rheumatoid/psoriatic arthritis? Can cannabis oil help arthritis? You betcha: as the CBD is absorbed by the body, it works in tandem with your bodies very own endocannabinoid system (in your nervous system).

Does Cracking Your Knuckles Give You Arthritis?


Knuckles and arthritis

No. "Cracking joints" and "popping knuckles" are mostly misunderstood phenomenon buried in wives-tales. There are a ton of theories trying to explain why joints crack or pop, and why people do it in the first place, but the reason is unknown as of now.

Generally, if you are cracking your knuckles or fingers, or other joints and you aren’t feeling any pain, the scientific consensus is that you aren’t damaging yourself. BUT, let’s have common sense. If you intentionally and repetitively are cracking your joints all day long you’re probably annoying the people living around you. That’s potentially bothersome socially, but could... COULD also be troublesome if it starts producing pain.

Knuckle "cracking" hasn’t really been proven to be good or bad. Really specifically, knuckle cracking doesn’t cause arthritis. But if it did, rub some CBD or hemp seed oil on those knuckles. The “cracking” sound in your joints could be created from a pressure pulling gasses around the joint temporarily into it. This is not really bad. "Cracking" sounds can also be heard if tendons snap over tissues because of minor adjustments in their gliding paths. Some patients with arthritis might notice that cracking their fingers for example worsens the pain, but none of this is studied enough to prove much.

How to Use Cannabis Oil for Arthritis

Hemp Seed Oil

According to bioMDplus, here is a guide to using cannabis oil for arthritis:

- Taking the product in the evening.

- Trying vaping or using a topical cream before edibles because the impacts are more effective.

- Being careful with products that contain THC, particularly if you’re still a young adult.

- Some studies show that higher doses don’t necessarily provide better relief in contrast to moderate doses. 

- Directly applying an affected area of the skin with CBD will deliver the best results while reducing adverse side effects. 

- Placing CBD under your tongue offers immediate relief, unlike using edibles. 

- Vaping CBD extract sends the product directly to your bloodstream fairly quickly. You may begin to feel the effects immediately, which helps relieve acute pain. Likewise, vaping CBD goes through the digestive system, allowing the body to absorb more of the product.

How to Buy CBD Oil

CBD oil can’t legally be sold to the public in Australia, but you can file an application for medical use through the Special Access Scheme - your GP should be able to help you out there. Check out this calculator on CBD costs.

Hemp Seed Oil Australia

Alternatively, grab yourself a bottle of Australia’s finest 100% raw hemp seed oil here today!