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Myrcene Negroni

Myrcene Negroni

A twist on a super classic Negroni, the herbal taste of angostura combines in a perfect match with the cynar artichoke liqueur. The Myrcene Hemp Gin gives a depth of character, while the orange twist pushes up the Vermouth. Finally, the burned cinnamon stick to give an extra smokey flavour.


30ml The Myrcene Hemp Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
15ml Okar Amaro
2x Dashes Angostura Bitters
1x Dashes Orange Bitters


Burn up a cinnamon stick and fill the glass with that smoke! Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, stir with ice and pour in a old fashion glass, serve with twist of orange on top alongside the burnt cinnamon stick.


Recipe by Lorenzo Payo Paiola