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Briar 75 | Myrcene Gin Cocktail | The Cannabis Co.

Briar 75

A twist on a French 75 - complex, refreshing, earthy, sweet and sour. Blackberries are seasonal in Oz right now, and play really well with the earthy hemp notes from The Myrcene, with the lemon and Prosecco giving those earthy flavours a refreshing lift to make this a great summer cocktail.


90ml Prosecco
40ml The Myrcene Hemp Gin
10ml Sweet Vermouth (I used Mancino)
2 fresh blackberries
30ml fresh lemon juice
caster sugar


Muddle 2 berries in a shaker with 2 barspoons of caster sugar. Add The Myrcene, vermouth and lemon juice, then shake hard and strain into a wine glass. Top with fresh ice and Prosecco, garnish with clapped sage leaves and a blackberry on a skewer.


Recipe by Marc Frew